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Using RefWorks at Princeton: Google Scholar

ZOTERO is currently the recommended Bibliography Manager at Princeton. You can also get help with ENDNOTE.

Exporting to RefWorks from Google Scholar

1.  Go to

2.  Click on the small cogwheel icon on the top right corner of the screen and go to Scholar Settings.

3.  Under "Bibliography manager", select Show links to import citations into and select RefWorks from the drop-down menu. Click on Save at the bottom of the screen.

4.  Perform your search in Google Scholar.

5.  At the bottom of each search result, on the far right side, click on Import into RefWorks

6.  Follow the instructions below to import these citations into RefWorks.

From within RefWorks (after following above directions)

1.  An Import References window will appear (either in a new browser tab or on top of your existing Refworks window).
2.  Click on the View Last Imported Folder button in the lower right corner of that window.
3.  Save your citations in Refworks by moving them from 
the Last Imported folder into the folder of your choice.

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