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Using RefWorks at Princeton: Classic Main Catalog

ZOTERO is currently the recommended Bibliography Manager at Princeton. You can also get help with ENDNOTE.

Direct Connection and Export/Import

Connect directly from within Refworks:
On the Refworks toolbar, go to SEARCH--> Online Catalog or Database


From within the Main Catalog itself:

  1. Conduct search and mark the citations you wish to import.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under Select Format choose Full Record; then click Display for Print/Save button.
  3. Save the results as plain text (.txt) to import into RefWorks.
  4. Open RefWorks and choose References > Import
  5. Select  Endeavor Voyager  as the Import Filter/Data Source and Princeton University as the Database.
  6. Choose Import Data from the following Text File and browse for your saved text file. Click Import .