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Using RefWorks at Princeton: PubMed

ZOTERO is currently the recommended Bibliography Manager at Princeton. You can also get help with ENDNOTE.

Importing to RefWorks from PubMed databases

1.  Run search in PubMed
2.  Add desired records to clipboard using Send to Clipboard dropdown
3.  Click on Clipboard tab to view clipboard
4.  Select MEDLINE  from Display dropdown menu
5.  Select Send to File from Send to dropdown menu to save records to your computer.  Note the file name and the location they are saved. Beware of pop-up blocker preventing this action (temporarily allow popups on blocker menu bar, then repeat this step)
6.  Open RefWorks
7.  In Refworks, hover on References dropdown and select Import
8.  Make sure Import Filter/Data Source is NLM/PubMed and Database is PubMed.  You can also select a folder to import the file directly into if you wish
9.  Browse your computer files for the PubMed results text file you saved from PubMed above
10.  Click Import button

List of PubMed databases

Medline (PubMed)