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Using RefWorks at Princeton: 5. Cite in-text with Write-N-Cite

ZOTERO is currently the recommended Bibliography Manager at Princeton. You can also get help with ENDNOTE.

What is Write-N-Cite?

Using the RefWorks Write-N-Cite tool, you can easily cite references from your RefWorks library as you write your research paper or other document.

Download and install Write-N-Cite

To begin using Write-N-Cite you first need to download and install the program.

To download and install Write-N-Cite, point your browser to the Write-N-Cite download and installation page, download the version of Write-N-Cite corresponding to the kind of computer you are using (PC or MAC) and what version of Microsoft Word you are using, and follow the links to the installation instructions provided.


    Using Write-N-Cite

    Cite in-text with Write-N-Cite

    Once you download and install Write-N-Cite, you can launch Write-N-Cite from within Microsoft Word by clicking the toolbar icon or by selecting it from the Tools menu or your program menu.

    To cite a reference in text as you write your paper:

    1. Put the cursor in your Microsoft Word document where you want to insert a reference.
    2. Launch Write-N-Cite within Microsoft Word (If you are not already you will be prompted to login to RefWorks):write n citewrite n cite
    3. Look at your RefWorks library in the Write-N-Cite window, and click the Cite button next to the reference you want to cite/insert. Modify/edit the citation by clicking on the Edit Citation link near the top of the Write-N-Cite window:

    Citations you add to your paper will look like {{54 Brandeis;}}. Don't worry though--these are just placeholders and your cited references will look normal when you're finished. The placeholder is what RefWorks reads when you go to format your paper which is covered below.


    Format your paper: append in-text citations to your document as a bibliography

    Whenever you cite references within your work, they also need to included in the bibliography which usually appears at the end of the document.

    To include the references you cited in-text in your bibliography:

    1. In the Write-N-Cite window, click Bibliography:

    2. In the window that appears, select the correct Output Style and select Create Bibliography.

    Write-N-Cite formats the citations you added within the text--they will no longer look like {{54 Brandeis}}, and appends a formatted bibliography of those citations to the end of the document.