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Classical Historiography for Chinese History

Research guide for Chinese Historiography

中 國 經 典 文 獻 工 具 書 錄

Compiled by Benjamin A. Elman 艾 爾 曼

Professor of East Asian Studies and History, Princeton University

With the help of Nanping Cao (Fudan University), Pingyi Chu (Academia Sinica, Institute of History and Philology), Xiaoping Cong (University of Houston), Brandon Ermita (Princeton University), Jinsong Guo (Princeton University), Chao-Hui Jenny LIU (Princeton University), Miaw-fen Lu (Academia Sinica, Institute of Modern History), Sam Gilbert (UCLA, ABD), Marten Soderblom Saarela (Princeton), Adam Schorr (Ph.D., UCLA East Asian Languages and Cultures Department), Susan Schneller (School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton), Tom Ventimiglia (Princeton University), and William Wooldridge (City College of NY).

Materials have also been included from bibliography courses at the University of Pennsylvania 1975-1977. Thanks are especially due Professors Susan Naquin, W. Allyn Rickett, and more recently Nathan Sivin. This new version of the website is now located at Princeton University and is hosted in the Library's LibGuides East Asian Studies Portal. It has been updated and now includes three major new features:

1) All entries are alphabetized within each section;

2) The romanization has been switched to Pinyin. Although this website uses Pinyin, it splits up words into phonemes, making Chinese appear to be a monosyllabic language. The Library of Congress has preferred a character-by-character romanization, and thus we follow LOC guidelines. But users of this website should note that the division into words (ci 辭 or 詞) as opposed to characters (zi 字) is still the usual basis for the Pinyin romanization of Chinese in China and most libraries there.

3) The entire site is now searchable.

4) Cases where there are no topical subdivisions will be referred to as "All Content".

All materials are under copyright: 1996 by Benjamin A. Elman.

Last Revision: October 2022

This list may be cited and reproduced for non-profit educational purposes only, provided credits and copyright are acknowledged. Links to this site should mention the Princeton University East Asian Library as the URL site and the compiler of the materials as the "author".

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(The opening image of reference books in the East Asian Gest Library most notably includes the Dai kanwa jiten 大漢和辞典 Chinese-Japanese Dictionary, by Morohashi Tetsuji 諸橋轍次, and others.)