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Classical Historiography for Chinese History

Research guide for Chinese Historiography



This document keeps track of leading information facilities in the field of Buddhism and Buddhist studies. Maintained by Australia National University:

  1. Buddhist Studies - Table of Contents:
  2. Pure Land Buddhism
  3. Tibetan Studies
  4. Zen Buddhism
  5. Buddhism Internet Resources: Meta-Register
  6. Buddhism Major WWW Sites
  7. Electronic Resources for the Study of Buddhist Texts
  8. Buddhism E-Books; FTP sites, Mailing Lists & Chat-Rooms
  9. Tibet Online Bookstore, Zen Online Bookstore
  10. Buddhism/Buddhist Electronic Newsletters & Journals, Buddhist Studies Bibliographies
  11. Buddhist InfoWeb
  12. Buddhist Art
  13. Other Religions' Networked Resources


Daoism 道家道教 & Daoist writings 老莊玄學


Film and Photographs




Also see materials in the Data Bases and Electronic Texts, and Dictionary sections.

Oral Histories

Science and Medicine

See also:

Women and Men