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Classical Historiography for Chinese History

Research guide for Chinese Historiography


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Electronic Resources

Research on Women in Modern Chinese History 近代中國婦女史研究. For a free trial to this journal email the following address:  The Institute of Modern History of Academia Sinica  中研院近史所  stablished the Journal “Research on Women in Modern Chinese History.]”18 years ago to  urge "historians to abandon traditional ideology and stereotype impression, correcting man-centered thinking, so to analyze deeply the women’s issues historically. These issues include pursuit of women’s rights, women and family, women and gender, women and labor, women and education, women and wars, women and nation, etc…"

*胡適曾說:近代中國婦女地位的變遷,宛如經過「一場不流血的絕大社會革命」,而這場和平革命仍在持續進行 中,其研究方法、理論、議題 也一直推陳出新:從婦女被壓抑史,到婦女解放、獨立意識、婦運、文化及兩性關係史,從單一學科到跨領域整合等。本刊旨在使歷史學者拋 開傳統意識形態、刻板印象,修正以男性為中心的思維,深入分析歷史上婦女的各項問題:婦權追求、婦女與家庭、婦女與性、婦女與勞動、 婦女與教育、婦女與戰爭、婦女與國家等,期由這些新視角,重新反省中國婦女活動的歷史真相,進一步為婦女真解放,探詢可行的路徑。