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Classical Historiography for Chinese History

Research guide for Chinese Historiography


Electronic Chinese texts


  • Aozora bunko 青空文庫 : Full texts of literary works (2,435 titles as of April 2003). Similar to Project Gutenburg.
  • Electronic Katei Bunko 電子版霞亭文庫 : Searchable image database of 1,159 Edo-period novels and dramas, including kibyoshi 黄表紙 , sharebon 洒落本 , and otogi zoshi 御伽草子 .
  • J-Texts 日本文学電子図書館 : Full texts of literary works.
  • Japanese Literature Text file 日本文学等テキストファイル  : List of links to full-text reproductions of Japanese literature.
  • National Institute of Japanese Literature 国文学研究資料館 : Gateway site for an important institution provides access to the following three resources and more:
  • Full-text database of Japanese Classics 古典文学本文データベース.  Full text of Nihon Koten bungaku taikei 日本古典文學大系 (Iwanamai 岩波書店 ).

  • Modern Japanese literature Image database 近代画像データベース. Digital archives collected by the institute. Five collections are available as of May 2006. Eight additional collections now being digitized.

  • NIJL OPAC of Japanese Classics 国文学研究資料館マイクロ資料・和古書目録. Over 260,000 records of classics in book and microform.


  • Digitized Historical Materials of Changsŏ-gak (Jangseo-gak) 한국학 전자도서관 : Includes early han'gul novels, the unofficial history of the Chosŏn dynasty and diaries ( 조선조 야사 및 일기 ), and audiovisual materials about Korean culture, oral literature ( 구비문학 ), folk songs ( 민요 ), and dialects ( 방언 ).
  • Korean Classics Research Institute 민족문화추진회 : Offers eleven full-text databases, which include more than 1,330 works of Korean classics.
  • Korean History Database 국사데이터베이스 : Includes important resources for Korean history studies such as the Annals of the Chosŏn Dynasty (조선왕조실록) and the Diary of the Royal Secretariat (승정원일기) during the Chosŏn Dynasty. Newspapers and magazines of modern and contemporary Korea, Korean history time-table (1860-1981), and many more resources about the Korean War and Korean resistance movement during Japanese rule are available. More than 10,000 photographs and images are included along with subject and name index.
  • Kyujanggak Institute & E- Kyujanggak 서울대학교 규장각 한국학연구원 : Kyujanggak , originally established as the Royal Archives of the Chosŏn Dynasty in 1776, provides digital images of 88 old books in full-text PDF files, which include Kuunmong 구운몽 , Kyŏngguk Taejŏn 경국대전 ( 經國大典 ), Koryŏsa 고려사 ( 高麗史 ), Kukcho Pogam 국조보감 ( 國朝寶鑑 ), Taedong Chiji 대동지지 ( 大東地誌 ), Samguk Sagi 삼국사기 ( 三國史記 ), and Hanjungrok 한중록 ( 恨中錄 ). E-Kyujanggak offers more convenient access to digitized collections available either in full-text or as high-definition digital images. Digitized collections include old maps, books, documents, government records of the late Chosŏn dynasty and during Japanese rule, and historic documents of the Chosŏn dynasty such as Ilsŏngrok ( 일성록 ), Pibyŏnsa Tŭngrok ( 비변사 등록 ), and Ŭigwe ( 의궤 ).
  • National Library of Korea - Harvard-Yenching Library Korean rare book digitization project : As part of a cooperative project between Yenching Library and the National Library of Korea, 469 titles of rare works unavailable in Korea are being digitized between 2007 and 2010.  Rare books digitized through this project are accessible through HOLLIS (click here for a HOLLIS list of titles already digitized) and KORCIS (Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System).