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E-Books for the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory: Introduction

A guide to e-books at PPPL with links to core reference works available electronically.

Access from off Campus

Use the Princeton Secure Remote Access (SRA) or EZ-Proxy to access e-books when you are away from PPPL or main campus.

Guide Contents

E-Books at Princeton

Princeton University Libraries have a large collection of e-books that can be viewed or downloaded on your computer or mobile device. Princeton's e-books are accessible and searchable via Princeton's Library Catalog. However, there are many commonly used titles in e-book format that you might not think to look for in the catalog. The first part of this guide provides direct links to reference e-books in support of activities and research at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.

The e-book collections come from different publishers (AIP, APS, IOP, etc.) and providers (Safari, Knovel, Ebrary, etc.) with different websites, licensing restrictions, formats, and bonus features. Knowing how to use the various collections from these different providers can help enhance your e-book searching or reading experience. The second part of this guide will help you search for and use the different e-books in the Princeton University Libraries collection.

NOTE: This guide is a starting place to help you find e-books and does not list all e-books available at Princeton University.

Using this Guide:
Links to select e-books can be found by clicking on the tab associated with a particular subject.

For basic information on finding e-books in the Princeton University Library system select the Finding e-books tab.

For information about searching for and viewing e-books from specific companies select the e-book provider you would like to learn about from the drop down menu under the Finding e-books tab.

Getting help

For help with anything related to this guide or to make a purchase recommendation, email