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1. Chemistry Sources

Chemistry Sources

SciFinder Web (establish individual user accounts)

Princeton University community must register for an individual SciFinder-n account. 


For self-registration for SciFinder Web, go to the Princeton SCIFINDER Web registration portal and use you email address:

Once you have created a login ID and password for SciFinder Web, you need to enter them each time you log on. Please keep a record of them. After you have created your account, you can log in directly on the SciFinder platform using this proxied access link:


When you log in to CAS SciFindern, search options are presented at the top of the Home page. (You can click the CAS SciFindern logo to return to the Home page at any time.)

  1. Select the search type:

    All finds substances, reactions, references, and suppliers that match your query. You can enter search terms that identify the subject of interest (e.g., keyword, research topic, document identifier, patent information, substance name, CAS Registry Number) or draw/import a structure query. See All Search.

    Find substances by search terms, a chemical structure, or both. See Find Substances.

    Find reactions by substance name, CAS Registry Number, CAS Reaction Number, and document identifier or chemical structure that identifies a substance that participates in the reaction. See Find Reactions.

    Find references by search terms, a chemical structure, or both. See Find References.

    Find suppliers by substance name or CAS Registry Number or chemical structure. See Find Suppliers.

    Find biosequences by protein/nucleotide string or a .txt/.fasta file. See Find Biosequences.

    Perform a retrosynthetic analysis on a drawn or imported target structure. See Creating a Retrosynthesis Plan.

  2. Enter a text query or click the Draw button to import or draw a structure query.

  3. Click the magnifying glass to submit the query.

You can search from any other CAS SciFindern page using the drop-down menu next to the query field to select an available search type.


Recent Searches

When a search is completed, the query is displayed in the Recent Search History section of the Home page. Use the options to Edit the query or Rerun Search.

Click View All Search History to open the Your Search History page.

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