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African American Studies: Newspapers

19th century digital newspapers

African-American Newspapers, 1827-1998  

Full-text collection of African American newspapers printed across the U.S. during the 19th and 20th centuries selected from America’s Historical Newspapers

African American Newspapers: The 19th Century  

Complete text of the major African-American newspapers published in the United States during the 19th century.

Freedom`s Journal, New York, New York  March 16, 1827 - March 28, 1829 

The Colored American (Weekly Advocate), New York, NY  January 7, 1837 - December 25, 1841

The North Star, Rochester, NY  December 3, 1847 - April 17, 1851

The National Era, Washington, D.C.  January 7, 1847 - March 22, 1860

Provincial Freeman, 1854-1857, Chatham, Canada West

Frederick Douglass Paper  1851-1863, Rochester, NY  (Completed through December 1855)

Douglass Monthly Jan 1859 through Aug 1863

The Christian Recorder (1861 - 1902)  (Completed through December 1902; excluding 1892)

America's Historical Newspapers  (1690-1922)  

Searchable full-text of historical newspapers including titles from all 50 states. Now includes select coverage of some major papers after 1922 through the mid 1990s.  Includes access to African American Newspapers, 1827-1998.

Black Life in America (1704-present) 

Curated content from digitized newspapers focusing on major themes in black history, including Curfews and ‘sundown’ notices; Antigua Slave Conspiracy; Dred Scott v. Sandford; Underground Railroad; Emancipation Proclamation; Ratification of the 13th Amendment; Buffalo soldiers; Mississippi Plan; Fisk Jubilee Singers; Plessy v Ferguson; Literacy tests and poll taxes; Sharecropping and tenant farming; Tuskegee Airmen; Church bombings; Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.; School desegregation; Election law and voters’ rights; Bob Jones University v. United States; Los Angeles Riots; Emmett Till Antilynching Act.  A subset of America's Historical Newspapers and Access World News.

The Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective (Nov 1, 1860-April 15, 1865)  

Full text of major articles gleaned from the New York Herald, the Charleston Mercury and the Richmond Enquirer.


AP Images  (1840s+)  

Contains the current year's photo report from the Associated Press & a selection of more than 700,000 images from their negative & print library dating from the 1840s.

Early American Newspapers  (1690-1922)  

Searchable full-text of historical newspapers including titles from all 50 states. Now includes select coverage of some major papers after 1922 through the mid 1990s. 

Palmer's Full Text Online & Index to the Times  (1790-1905)  

Digital edition of Palmer's index to the Times of London. Also includes full text for 1800 to 1870. For complete full text (1785-1985), see Times (London) Digital Archive.

Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive

Part I: Debates over Slavery and Abolition and Part II: Slave Trade in the Atlantic WorldSlavery and Anti-Slavery includes collections on the transatlantic slave trade and the global movement for the abolition of slavery from the sixteenth through the nineteenth century.  Contains a large selection of newspapers published in the Caribbean, Europe and in the United States, including Black-owned journals and Southern dailies


Miscellaneous Negro Newspapers Microfilm Series
A collection of over 200 newspapers published in thirty-one cities from 1829 to 1923.  The Library of Congress microfilmed the original print papers, which were housed in various state historical societies, for the American Council of Learned Societies.  Search for Miscellaneous Negro Newspapers in the Main Catalog to identify individual titles of newspapers.       MICROFILM S01557  Location: Microform Services on A-floor in Firestone Library.

Some titles in this series are available in digital format: African-American Newspapers, 1827-1998.

Underground Newspaper Collection, 1963-1985

Alternative and underground newspapers from the United States and Canada. A few titles from the 60s include Black Liberator (1969), Black Politics (1968-1969), Black Vanguard (some issues lack numbering and date), and Black Star.  MICROFILM S00846     For holdings and access to reels see: (FilmB) Z6951.U4 

Location:  Microform Services on A-floor in Firestone Library.