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African American Studies: Newspapers


Lexis Nexis Academic, Factiva, and Newsbank include many transcript services.  Dates of coverage vary and change.  Always consult the source for the latest information.   As of October 21, 2014 the information was accurate.

Articles+ does not include all transcripts found in Lexis or Factiva

Wire Services

Lexis-Nexis, Factiva, Newswires (EBSCO), and Newsbank all contain various wire services.

Transcripts in Lexis Nexis


Lexis Nexis Academic includes transcripts from the following (once in the database go to "By Source Type" and change to Broadcast transcripts):

ABC News (select programs)
ABC Transcripts (Australia)
American Public Media
BBC Monitoring
Bloomberg (select programs)
Burrelle's Transcripts

Business Day TV - Transcripts
CBS News Transcripts
Channel NewsAsia

Charlie Rose Show
CNBC/Dow Jones Business Video

CNN en Espanol
CNN Financial All
CNN Financial Network
CNN International
CNN Transcripts
CQ Congressional Testimony
CQ Transcriptions
CTV Television
Dan Rather Reports
ET Now Transcripts

FDCH News Service Capitol Report
Federal News Service
Financial Market Regulatory Wire

Follow the Money
Foreign Correspondent
Fox Business Happy Hour
Fox Business Network Transcripts
Fox News Network

Freedom Watch
Global Broadcast Database - English (Full Text)

Imus Simulcast
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Money for Breakfast
Montel Williams Show
National Narrowcast Network Transcripts
National Public Radio (NPR)
The Nightly Business Report
NBC News
PBS NewsHour (formerly the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer)

Power and Money
Presidential Campaign Press Materials

SEC Wire

Wall Street Journal Report

Willis Report

Transcripts in Newsbank

Newsbank includes transcripts from the following (once in the database browse by "Source Type" and change to transcript):

  • ABC (many local broadcasts)
  • BBC Selected Transcripts
  • Bloomberg Television (many programs)
  • CBC Television on Marketplace (Canada)
  • CBS (many programs including "48 Hours", "60 Minutes". "CBS Evening News", "Face the Nation", as well as many local broadcasts)
  • CNBC-Dow Jones Video
  • CNN (many programs including "Amanpour", "Anderson Cooper", "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown", "Crossfire", "Fareed Zakaria GPS", "Sanjay Gupta", "Situation Room", "State of the Union", "Wolf Blitzer Reports")
  • CNN en Espanol (many programs)
  • CNN Financial News (many programs)
  • CNN International (many programs)
  • Congressional Quarterly Transcriptions
  • COX (many local programs)
  • CW (many local programs)
  • Fox Business (many programs)
  • Fox News (many programs including "O'Reilly Factor", "On the record with Greta Van Susteren")
  • MSNBC (many programs including "Chris Hayes", "Rachel Maddow Show", "Tim Russert Show")
  • NBC (many programs including "NBC Nightly News", "Today Show" as many as many local broadcasts)
  • Nightly Business Report (CNBC)
  • NPR
  • (India)
  • PBS ("Charlie Rose", "PBS Newshour", and many local broadcasts)
  • RBC Network (Russia)
  • Telemundo (Las Vegas and Miami local broadcasts)
  • Univision (Las Vegas and Miami local broadcasts)
  • UPN (various local broadcasts)
  • WBN (Honolulu)
  • WBZ (Boston)