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History of women, gender & sexuality

American women's magazines

Some important mass-market American women's magazines
Princeton holds microfilm copies of several influential American women's magazines, covering much of the 20th century and offering insight into women's history and popular culture:

  • Ladies Home Journal 1883-1965 [MICROFILM S00487: 1883-Nov. 1907 in RECAP; Dec. 1907- in Firestone Microforms]
  • Good Housekeeping 1885-1979 [MICROFILM S00269: 1885-1950 in RECAP; 1950-1979 in Firestone Microforms]
  • Vogue 1892-2008 [also RECAP MICROFILM S01478]
    Note: as of March 2011, covers back to 1988.
  • McCall's 1894-1979 [RECAP MICROFILM S01889]
  • Redbook 1903-1979 [MICROFILM S01890]

Comprehensive archive of Women’s Wear Daily, from the first issue in 1910 to material from within the last 12 months, reproduced in high-resolution images.

Herstory [microform]
Microfilm S00485
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms HQ1154.H4
Collection of women's newsletters and periodicals from the Women's History Library at Berkeley. Covers the early 1970's, primarily U.S. but also some international and some material as early as 1945. Individual titles are listed in the Main Catalog; do a Guided Search for "herstory" as Series Title to identify all the titles.

Women’s periodicals [microform]: 18th century to the great Depression.
RECAP Microfilm 11993
149 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms HQ1180 .W6753 1991
Collection of women's magazines. Primarily U.S. and British material, but some international coverage. The material is grouped by topic: economics, fashion, literature and the arts, religion, and social and political issues.

Reveal Digital Independent Voices
Collection of magazines, journals, and newspapers of the alternative press from the 1960s, including feminists, anti-war groups, African-Americans, Native-Americans and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

British & European women's magazines

Women advising women [microform]
RECAP Microfilm 11844
69 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms PN5124.W6 W65
The first and third parts of this series consist of selected women's periodicals from the 18th and early 19th centuries in Britain. See women_advising_women_part_1/Contents.aspx. The second part includes advice books and other literature for women. See women_advising_women_prt2_3_4/contents.aspx. Note: much, though not all, of this material is also available online in digital collections such as Eighteenth Century Collections Online. See

Popular women’s magazines at the British Library, London [microform]
See below
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms HQ1591 .S623 ser.2
Reproduces a group of widely-read women's magazines: Woman, 1890-1912 (reels 1-21); Englishwoman’s review and drawing room journal, 1857-1859, and Myra’s journal of dress and fashion, 1875-1912 (reels 22-42); The Ladies’ pocket magazine, 1826-1839, The Ladies’ treasury, 1858-1869; and La Belle assemblée, 1806-1832 (reels 62-70).

Women’s journals of the nineteenth century [microform]
RECAP Microfilm 09665
4 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms PN5124.W6 W66
Consists of two important feminist periodicals of the late 19th century: The Women’s penny paper and Woman’s herald, 1888-1893. See womens_journals_of_the_nineteenth_century_part_1/Contents.aspx

Radical and reforming periodicals for and by women [microform]
RECAP Microfilm 05336
38 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms HQ1591 .S623 ser.1
Selected women's periodicals from the British Library. Covers 1870-1928. Reflects a range of political points of view, and also includes some women's professional magazines.

Women’s journals, 1919-1968 [microform]: from franchise to feminism
RECAP Microfilm 11603
26 reels
Printed guide: none
Consists of a single British illustrated woman's magazine: Eve, 1919-1929. See womens_journals_1919-1968_part_1/Contents.aspx

European women’s periodicals [microform]
85 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms HQ1586 .E88 1992
Selected women's magazines from the International Institute of Social History and other archives. Unit 2 consists of periodicals from France. Unit 3 consists of periodicals from Germany. Covers 1840-1940. We do not have Unit 1 (Austria & Belgium).