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Energy - Supply, Demand, and Pricing


United States. Energy Information Administration. Nuclear.
Official energy statistics from the United States government on nuclear power reserves, production, generation, and spent fuel. Data can also be found in Data-Planet Statistical Datasets including the State Energy Data System.
The Global Nuclear Market:  Supply and Demand 2009-2030:  Statistics and forecasts on nuclear generating capacity and uranium demand, uranium supply, conversion, and enrichment.  An older edition is useful for historical statistics (DSS) HD9539.U7G557 1998.
Global Data Power (formerly known as Power etrack)

The nuclear section contains industry research on fields such as nuclear power generation, active and upcoming projects, fuel cycle plants, test reactors and country policies. 

Power Reactor Information System.  Comprehensive data source on nuclear power reactors around the world. It includes reactor specification and performance history data. The monthly power production and power losses data have been recorded in PRIS since 1970s.

Worldwatch Global Trends Worldwatch Institute CD-ROM with historical data going as far back as 1955 on world electrical generating capacity of nuclear power plants, world nuclear power reactor construction starts, nuclear capacity of decommissioned plants, and global stocks of plutonium and highly-enriched uranium. DSS Study Number 5108. Updated by Vital Signs (Worldwatch Institute publication in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme). GE150.W675 (Current Volume in Trustees Reading Room) Coverage varies by year.  Check the index.

World Development Indicators
In addition to supplying economic and social data includes environmental data including electricity production from nuclear as well as alternative & nuclear energy as a percentage of use. Data as early as 1960.

World Resources Institute (environmental think tank)
The World Resources Institute's mission is "to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth's environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations".
Includes datasets on energy and resources including electricity.  Some of the statistics on nuclear production can also be found in Sage Data .