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Russian Literature

Other Web Content of Interest

Ivy Plus Web Archive: Literary Authors from Europe and Eurasia
An Ivy Plus Library Confederation archive of web content related to literary authors (of both fiction and non-fiction essays), translators, critics and publishers from Europe and Eurasia with the aim of preserving the history of the contemporary literary process as reflected in the non-print publishing activity of important literary figures and organizations.


Ivy Plus Web Archive: Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union
An Ivy Plus Library Confederation web archive representing an effort to preserve research-valuable web content from Eastern Europe and the territories of the Former Soviet Union by a group of research librarians responsible for that part of the world. The countries of the region in recent years have been publishing a wide variety of websites likely to be of value to contemporary and future humanities, social science, and history projects, and this Archive has been established as an attempt to identify, capture, and preserve this material. The thematic and generic scope of the archive is deliberately broad, and includes websites published by political parties, non-governmental organizations and activist groups, artists and cultural collectives, and historians, philosophers, and other intellectuals.