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Russian Literature

Periodical Indexing Databases

A large suite of databases indexing a number of genres of humanities and social science publications: academic journals, dissertations and theses, journalistic periodicals. As with EBSCO's Academic Search Premier, the default in ProQuest Central is a search of a small subset of the more than 80 database in the suite. To open the database list, engage the link in the top left of the screen.

MLA International Bibliography
A database indexing the critical literature on belletristic literature, language and linguistics and folklore. The MLAIB contains citations for books, book chapters, journal articles, dissertations and bibliographies. Note: The MLAIB serves a purely indexical function and does not provide full-text access to any of the material it indexes.

ABSEES (American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies)
A database indexing North American scholarly publications in Slavic and East European Studies, including a substantial volume of material on Russian Literature. The full-text of much of the indexed material is accessible through the database.

EastView Universal Database of the Social Sciences and Humanities
A database indexing and providing full-text (and often full page-image) access to Russian periodicals in numerous categories: scholarly, journalistic, official/governmental. There are components covering contemporary periodical literature and also digital archives of historical periodical literature dating back to the beginning of the Soviet era and before.

Russian National Bibliography
A database consisting of digital editions of several bibliographic annuals covering books, periodicals (academic journals and journalism), dissertations, reviews, music publications, graphic arts publications and cartographic publications (Книжная летопись, Летопись журнальных статей, Летопись газетных статей, Летопись авторефератов диссертаций, Нотная летопись, Летопись изоизданий, Картографическая летопись). Note #1: The RNB's function is strictly indexical; it does not provide full-text access to any of the indexed content. Note#2: The RNB only goes back as far as 1998. For earlier publications consult the print or microform editions of the appropriate indexes (летописи). For more information see the section on bibliographic tools.

Humanities Source Complete
A database indexing the Western scholarly periodical literature in the humanities. For pre-1984 publication use Humanities and Social Science Index Retrospective.

A database indexing the periodical literature in a number of disciplines, including the humanities.

Project Muse
A database indexing a broad range of academic journals.