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International Trade Statistics : A Guide to Selected Resources

USA Trade Data

Sources in this section cover the United States. Data for the United States is also contained in many of the sources in the multinational and OECD sections but the United States sources may be more detailed.  For most users, the sources in the multinational section are the ones to use.

U.S. Imports/Exports, 1989-Present. C 3.278/2: (Exports) (CD-ROM Cabinet)
C 3.278/3: (Imports) (CD-ROM Cabinet)
Covers 17,000 import commodities, 9,000 export commodities, for 240 trading partners; quantity, value, method of transport, monthly with cumulative year to date statistics. Historic disks provide 5 year summaries. Use for higher frequency than annual or most detailed product codes.  Indiana University has archived many of the import and export cds on the web.  The Census Bureau has the monthly data for 2013+ online and annual data 2005+.
Commodity Flow Survey   Primary source of national & state-level data on domestic freight shipments by American establishments in mining, manufacturing, wholesale, auxiliaries, and selected retail industries. Data are provided on the types, origins and destinations, values, weights, modes of transport, distance shipped, and ton-miles of commodities shipped. Shipper-based survey and is conducted every 5 years as part of the Economic Census. Provides a modal picture of national freight flows, and represents the only publicly available source of commodity flow data for the highway mode. Was conducted in 1993, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012, and most recently in 2017.
NBER Trade Database: U.S. Exports, 1972-2001   Exports by SIC and SITC code for 1972-1994. Includes state level exports for 1991-1994.  Start with the instructions
Trade Data Online   From Strategis, web site maintained by Industry Canada. Provides U.S./Canadian export/import data by HS code, up to 6 digits, or by US and Canadian SIC codes.
United States Foreign Trade Highlights (annual) 1967-Present.
(United States International Trade Administration)
HF105.A213; HF105.A213 Statistical tables on US exports and imports with major trading partners and regions. Emphasis on goods trade, aggregate exports and imports, and US commodity and country/regional trade balances. Only US Dept. of Commerce report with detailed commodity data for exports and imports that are consistent over time.

Year in Trade (annual)(United States International Trade Commission)

HF1750.A5 Historical record of the major trade-related activities of US, includes statistics and major trade related activities.

U.S. Industry and Trade Outlook 1970-2000
HC106.6.U5 Previous titles are U.S. Industrial Outlook and U.S. Global Trade Outlook. Based on SIC codes, and NAICS (from 1/1/97), covers industry reviews including world market share, international trade data, trends and forecasts, and data for exports and imports for 6 major areas of the world.
Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries Search the Catalog under the title (many call numbers including electronic) Covers 1856-1912.
Statistical abstract of foreign countries. Part I-III. Statistics of foreign commerce. October, 1909. Online and (RECAP) HA155 .A4 Primarily covers nineteenth century.