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International Trade Statistics : A Guide to Selected Resources

Commonly used concordances & classifications

CN Combined Nomenclature
HS Harmonized System
ISIC International Standard Industrial Classification
NACE General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities within the European Communities
NAICS North American Industrial Classification System
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SITC Standard International Trade Classification


Trade Classification Schedules

A. International

Many correspondence tables can be downloaded for free from the European Union and the United Nations Statistics Division.  For NAICS to SIC or ISIC, see the United States Census Bureau.  The NBER also has many concordances including TSUSA in the International Finance and Trade Section.

Correspondence Table HS2002-CPC Version 1.1 - SITC Rev. 3. - ISIC Rev. 3.1
  Correspondence Tables (Central Product Classification, Standard International Trade Classification, and International Standard Industrial Classification) with the Harmonised System.
International Concordance between the Industrial Classifications of the United Nations (ISIC REV 3), Canada (1980 SIC), European Union (NACE REV 1) and the United States (1987 SIC)  

Shows relationship between the 4 digit level of U.S., Canadian and European Union industrial classifications, with the 4 digit level of ISIC, Rev. 3, of the United Nations.


International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities, (ISIC, Rev 4) (United Nations)   Correspondence tables between previous versions is separate.
Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) Rev. 4 (United Nations)

HF1041.U56 2006 (DSS)

  • Revision 3 published in 1986 [(DSS) HF1041.U56 1986]
  • Revision 2 published in 1975 [(DSS) HF1041.U56 1975]
  • Revision 1 published in 1961 [(UN) XVII.series M no. 31-37]
  • 2nd ed. published in 1951 [(UN) XVII.series M no. 1-10]
  • Original published in 1950 [(UN) XVII.series M no. 1-10].
Statistical classification, developed by the United Nations, to facilitate international comparison of commodity trade data. Based on Harmonized System (HS). Covers all goods classifiable except for monetary gold, gold coin, and current coin. Includes correspondence tables to the HS codes. 1-5 digit codes.
Commodity Indexes for the Standard International Trade Classification, Rev. 3. (United Nations) XVII, Ser. M., No. 38, Rev. 2 (UN) 2 volume set showing classification according to basic SITC headings for more than 35,000 commodities. Commodity indexes for SITC Rev. 3.
Commodity Translation Tool (USITC)   8 or 10 digit HTS to 6 Digit NAICS or 5 Digit SITC

B. North America

North American Free Trade Agreement between the Government of the United States of America, the Government of Canada, and the Government of the United Mexican States KDZ944.A41992 A2 1993 Provides text of NAFTA treaty and includes tariff schedules of US, Canada and Mexico.
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
(U.S. Office of Management and Budget)
HF1042.N678 2022 (DSS) NAICS replaced the SIC codes (see entry below). Includes definitions for each industry, correspondence tables between 2002 NAICS and 2007 NAICS and comprehensive index. Correspondence tables between the editions (1997, 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017, 2022) as well as bridges between 1987 SIC and 1992/1997 NAICS.
Converting Historical Industry Time Series Data from SIC to NAICS  



Standard Industrial Classification Manual (SIC) 1987
(U.S. Office of Management and Budget)
HA40.I6 U63 Statistical classification system for all establishment-based U.S. economic statistics classified by industry. Supercedes 1972/77 edition; superceded by NAICS.
Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States, Annotated for Statistical Reporting Purposes.
(United States International Trade Commission)

ASI 9886-13 (Microforms)


Based on the international Harmonized system. Used in classification of imported merchandise for application of tariff rates and statistical purposes. Paper edition is the legal text.  Online includes previous editions back to 1987.  Preceded by Tariff schedules of the United States annotated.
Schedule B: Statistical Classification of Domestic and Foreign Commodities Exported from the United States. (United States Census Bureau) HF105.A538 Annotated schedule of commodity classification, used by shippers in reporting exports for statistical purposes. Issued irregularly.
NAICS Canada Manual   Canada's version of the North American Industrial Classification System. In the structure, different symbols are used to indicate three country comparability (Canada, United States, and Mexico) and comparability between Canada and the United States.
Concordance between the standard industrial classifications of the United States and Canada: 1987 United States SIC, 1980 Canadian SIC., 1991    


C. Europe

NACE rev 1.1: Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community.
(European Union)
  Four digit activity classification, which provides framework for all national activity classifications within the European Union. Designed as more detailed version of ISIC rev 3. Includes conversion key between old NACE, published in 1970, and NACE Rev 1.
Commission Regulation...on the tariff and statistical nomenclature and Common Customs Tariff Microforms, European Union
IIS (1600-S37) (Microforms RECAP)
Annual issue of the Official Journal of the European Union, presents revised CN commodity trade classification, by 4-8 digit codes and corresponding tariffs of the EU, effective Jan. 1, (yr.). Also includes rates of duty on imports by detailed commodity.
Guide to the Classification for Overseas Trade Statistics. HMSO. Annual
HF183.A19 (Current volume in DSS; older in F)
Gives alphabetical keyword approach to HS. Provides correlation tables to SITC Rev 3 and Harmonized System (HS), which is the basis for the Combined Nomenclature (CN). 8 digit level of classification of overseas trade.
Guide to the Classification for Overseas Trade Statistics. Correlation tables. 1988 HMSO HF183.A19 Tables (Current volume in DSS; older in F) Gives full correlation between 8 digit headings in use in 1987 and 9 digit heading for 1988: SITC (Rev 3) and SITC (Rev 2), and HS Ref 6 digit/SITC (Rev 3).