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International Trade Statistics : A Guide to Selected Resources


WiserTrade International trade database which includes 4 U.S. state level export series, U.S. exports and imports by customs district & by individual port, as well as EU, Canadian (by province and port), Chilean and Colombian (by region, port, and country of procurement), Chinese (by province), South African (district and port), Taiwanese, and Japanese trade statistics.
Trade Stats Express - State Export Data (United States Department of Commerce) Provides state & regional exports of merchandise. 1999+.
Trade Stats Express - U.S. Metropolitan Areas (United States Department of Commerce) Provides data on major exports by metropolitan area, NAICS codes, 3 digit zip code, and county. Typically 2005+.
Proquest Statistical Insight (Statistical Reference Index portion), 1987+ Under Foreign Trade, contains many references to state and local level trade data. 

State by 6-Digit HS Code and Top Countries

Foreign Trade of the United States including state and metro area export data Bernan Press, 2nd edition, 2001. Provides highlights of U.S. international transactions, foreign trade in services and goods, state exports of goods, and metropolitan exports of goods.