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International Trade Statistics : A Guide to Selected Resources

Tariffs and other interventions

World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) World Bank and UNCTAD data on trade, tariffs, and non-tariff measures. Requires registration. 
WTO Data Contains trade statistics, tariffs, and non-tariffs including anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguards, and technical barriers to trade.
Global Trade Alert Includes more than 33,000 records of state acts taken since November 2008.   Includes tariffs, capital control measures, anti-dumping, quotas, FDI measures, subsidies, and many other measures. Also includes share of imports or exports impacted by interventions.
NBER Trade Data Contains World Trade Database, 1970-1992 and the Compatible Trade and Production (COMTAP) database assembled by the OECD which contains production of manufactured goods in OECD countries and bilateral trade flows between these countries and all their trading partners over 1970-1985.  Start with the instructions. Updated on the NBER site.  Includes average tariffs by product for select nations.
Contracting Parties to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Has most-favored-nation tariff rates by country. 
Location:  (DR) HF1721.C76 1967
Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations Has most-favored-nation tariff rates by country for the Uruguay Round. 
Location:  (Firestone NonCirculating) K4603 1994.A4 1994q



United States International Trade Commission.  HTSA Archive Harmonized tariff schedules for the United States back to 1987 are available in the HTSA Archive.  Prior to 1987 involves looking at hundreds of individual schedules.  Some have been digitized and can be found in Google Books or the Internet Archive (search for "Tariff Schedules of the United States") and add the year after).  1963 is available as a single document.  For the 1960s, search the Catalog for the title "Summaries of trade and tariff information prepared in terms of the tariff schedules of the United States (TSUS)".  For the 1970s and 1980s search the Catalog for the title "Summary of trade and tariff information [microform]".
World Tariff Profiles 2006-.  Provides tariff summaries by nation. Also in the WTO ilibrary.
USITC Interactive Tariff and Trade DataWeb Provides U.S. international trade statistics and U.S. tariff data.  Requires free registration.
National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers
1986-. Reports on trade barriers (tariff and non-tariff) on a country by country basis for nations trading with the United States. Includes import policies; standards, testing, labeling, and certification; government procurement; export subsidies; lack of intellectual property protection; service barriers; investment barriers; anti-competitive practices with trade effects tolerated by foreign governments; & trade restrictions affecting electronic commerce.  Location: (DOCS) PREX9.10:
European Union.  Taxation and Customs Union. Series of databases related to taxation and customs for the European Union.  Includes databases on quotas and tariffs.
External Trade: System of Generalized Tariff Preferences (GSP)Imports. Annual report (1992-1993) of detailed data on GSP and special trade imports, by commodity and partner country.  LocationIIS 1600-S1 (RECAP Microforms)