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International Trade Statistics : A Guide to Selected Resources

Trade Agreements

Regional Trade Agreements Information System (RTA-IS) Allows searching by World Trade Organization member and other criteria.

Design of Trade Agreements (DESTA) Database

Aims to collect systematic data on the design of preferential trade agreements that have been signed since 1945.
Economic Integration Agreements: Historical database of entry into Economic Integration Agreements, 1960-2000 Designed to allow users to quickly sort, file, and use information regarding the economic integration of bilateral country pairings.
GATT documents. 1947-1994 Princeton has the complete collection of GATT documents on microfiche (RCPPA).  GATT documents index (1947-1983) and List & index of documents issued (1984-1995): (FilmB) JZ5185 .A2.  
GATT signatory dates.