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Environmental Research at Princeton: An Interdisciplinary Approach: Public Opinion

Public Opinion

IPOLL World's largest public opinion databank.   Registration is required but is free for IPOLL. The IPOLL portion codes studies to the variable level.  IPOLL does not include holdings outside the USA. The database is a full-text retrieval system updated daily and organized at the question-level, providing tools to sift through nearly a half million questions asked on national public opinion surveys since 1935.  International holdings are kept separately and are not coded at the variable level.
ICPSR Has some major public opinion studies whose focus was energy or the environment.  However most public opinion polls tend to cover many topics.   One should start with the variables database of ICPSR to search specific questions.  Note that not all surveys have been coded to the variable level.
Polling the Nations Summary level public opinion information from many nations of the world.
Data and Statistical Services pages Includes other public opinion sources that may include opinion on the environment and energy,