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Population and Environment

Sources for information about the impact of environmental factors on population.


Here are some reference materials for starting your research:

How to Find Books

The relationship between population dynamics and the environment is complex, ranging from the purely demographic to mediating factors such as climate change, land use, energy. and cultural forces. if you are just getting started on this topic, the Subject Headings below may be useful when searching for books in the Main Catalog. Note that it is possible to narrow the search to a particular geographic location. 

  • Population--Environmental aspects--(country name)
  • (Country name)--Population--Environmental aspects
  • Population--Environmental aspects--Developing countries
  • Population--Environmental aspects--Developed countries
  • Overpopulation
  • Population policy--Environmental aspects
  • (Country name)--Population policy

Here are some suggested Subject Headings for narrower population topics related to the environment:

  • Migration, Internal--Environmental aspects
  • Emigration and immigration--Environmental aspects
  • Fertility, Human--Environmental aspects
  • Reproductive health--Environmental aspects
  • Mortality--Environmental aspects
  • Population and Environmental Policy
  • Population and Environmental degradation
  • Emigration and immigration and Environmental degradation
  • Migration, Internal and Environmental degradation
  • Demographic transition and Environmental degradation
  • Overpopulation and Environmental degradation
  • Population forecasting combined with the keyword "Environment"
  • Population research combined with the keyword "Environment"

To narrow your search even further, try these Guided Searches:

  • Keywords: population and "environmental aspects" and "food supply"
  • Keywords: population and "environmental aspects" and "water supply"
  • Keywords: population and "environmental aspects" and technology
  • Keywords: population and "environmental aspects" and biodiversity
  • Keywords: population and "environmental aspects" and "sustainable development"
  • Keywords: population and "environmental aspects" and "climatic changes"
  • Keywords: "demographic transition" and environment