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Basic Sources of International Economic Statistics

Background Sources

The following sources will provide places to get a background of your area:

Subnational Sources

Foreign Statistical Abstracts.
A collection of current volumes of the statistical abstracts of many foreign countries containing statistics on a broad range of subjects. Current editions are shelved by country name in the DSS collection in the Trustee's Reading Room of Firestone Library. Select countries make their statistical yearbooks available online.  Coverage varies. For older editions consult the Catalog or the microfiche collection on A Floor of Firestone. For a select list of countries, recent yearbooks are contained in Statistical Abstracts of the World (ProQuest).  Tables are available in Excel format and have been converted to English.  Also see the tab for historical compilations.

Governmental and intergovernmental homepages are another means of obtaining recent data on countries. Finding data below the national level is usually difficult at best if not impossible.  Many nations provide online versions of their most recent statistical yearbooks which may provide subnational statistics.  Also see the National Statistical Offices and Central Banks Web Archive.

OECD Territorial Reviews provide peer reviews of policy in particular urban areas, rural areas, and regions. The reviews systematically look at the economic context and policies of the area and make a series of recommendations for further fostering further economic development.

The OECD Regional Database provides comparable statistics and indicators on about 2,000 regions in 34 countries.  Encompasses yearly time series for around 40 indicators of demography, economic accounts, labor market, social and innovation themes in the OECD member countries and other economies.  Also contains access to the OECD Metropolitan Areas that provides a set of economic, environmental, social and demographic estimated indicators on the 281 OECD metropolitan areas (functional urban areas with 500,000 or more inhabitants).

UrbanInfo (United Nations Human Settlements Programme) includes data on natural disasters, population, refugees by country of asylum and other measures impacting major cities. African Cities Diagnostic contains 45 indicators for 31 African cities, related to urbanization, solid waste management, water resources availability, water supply services, sanitation services, flood hazards and economic and institutional strength.

BMI Research Macroeconomic data for a limited number of variables (in some case back to 1990) at the state or provincial level for Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

A few countries  provide extensive data from their statistical offices including subnational level data:

Australia Australian Bureau of Statistics free
Canada E-Stat free
China China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CNKI) Large selection of statistical data published by the Chinese government including census data. Chinese-language version offers more up-to-date and reliable results; best to use the yearbook navigation mode.  Includes national, provincial, city, and many topical yearbooks. Also see

China Data Insights.  This is a new menu for the CNKI Chinese Statistical Yearbooks database that gives access to the data by indicators rather than by published yearbook.  Click “Sign in” to be recognized as a Princeton user by IP. 



Provides macroeconomic and financial time series data on China (including subnational). Contains a wide range of data on topics including national accounts, government and public finance, demographic and labor markets, inflation, foreign trade, foreign direct investment, financial markets, and data on a variety of industry sectors.


Many yearbooks can be found in the East Asian Library.  Also the China Statistical Bureau Website  (must use in Internet Explorer). 

Europe   Eurostat Provides subnational statistics by province and/or city for many European Union members,  Most data starts around 2000 with some back to mid 1990s.  Use the 2003 CD for data older than that found on the website. Data is on CD and requires using  Virtual Machine to emulate older Windows.  Firestone Microforms Services (FilmB)     COMPUTER FILE 228.  Documentation is online.  Much of this data is now available at  (Enter 'Cambridge Econometrics' in the search field)
India States of India

Demographics, infrastructure, investment, economic, socio-economic and political data on India. Includes states, union territories, and districts. Registration required from a Princeton IP.

India   click on IP Login
India CEIC Provides macroeconomic and financial time series data on India. Contains a wide range of data on topics including national accounts, government and public finance, demographic and labor markets, inflation, foreign trade, foreign direct investment, financial markets, and data on a variety of industry sectors. Includes select subnational data. 
Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States Eastview UDB Statistics primarily in native language
Aggregate Data, Regions of Russia (RoR), 1990-2010 Online Collection of aggregate statistical data for the Russian regions, made available in English. Includes a large range of variables that characterize a wide scope of economic and social factors. Comprises data from 82 regions of Russia on topics including trade, production, demography, labor, investment, climate, crime, education, health care, culture, banks, insurance, services, communication, and many industries.

The Library is a depository for materials from the United Nations and the European Union and purchases the publications of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The publications of these organizations are a rich source of statistics on foreign countries and international economic conditions.