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Basic Sources of International Economic Statistics

International Labor

In addition to the major sources, also use these specialized sources and see the Industrial Relations Library Guide.

International Labor Office
Yearbook of labour statistics
Annual. 1943-
Together with its monthly Bulletin of Labour Statistics, this yearbook presents a summary of the principal statistics for over 230 countries on employment, unemployment, labor costs, occupational injuries, industrial disputes and consumer prices. From 1950+, much of the data can be found in
(Current volume in DSS)



Industrial Statistics

United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Industrial Statistics Database
Annual. 1963+
Time series data on the number of establishments, employment, wages and salaries, output, value added, gross fixed capital formation, and number of female employees by country, year and 3- and 4-digit levels of ISIC (INDSTAT 4 Revisions 3 and 4), which comprises 151 manufacturing sectors and sub-sectors for 127 countries.   Data back to 1981 is arranged according to ISIC (Revision 2) at the four-digit level (CD-ROM only), which comprises 81 manufacturing industries or 151 manufacturing sectors and sub-sectors in Revision 3 back to 1985 or  151 manufacturing sectors and sub-sectors in Revision 4 back to 2000.  (DSS Study 5031).  For data at the 3 digit level of ISIC (Revision 2) back to 1963 covering 29 industries, see DSS Study 5005. For data at the 2 digit level of ISIC (Revision 3) back to 1963 covering 23 industries and 163 countries, see  DSS Study 5002.  Closest predecessor in print is Growth of world industry (Oversize HC59 .P365q) which covered back to 1938.
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Industrial Demand-Supply Balance Databases
Annual. 1981+
Includes domestic output, total imports, apparent consumption, imports and exports to/from industrialized and developing countries. Data pertains to manufacturing and are arranged according to Revision 4 (data back to 2000) or Revision 3 (data back to 1990) or Revision 2 (data back to 1981; CD-ROM only) of ISIC at the 4-digit level, which comprises 127 manufacturing industries (or 81 industries). DSS Study 5032

United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

World Statistics on Mining and Utilities.

Wages, salaries, value added, output for mining and utilities

2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
STAN OECD Structural Analysis Statistics
Annual 1970+
Enables analysis of industrial performance at a relatively detailed level of activity across countries. Includes measures of output, labor input, investment and international trade. The industry list, based on ISIC Rev. 3, provides sufficient detail to enable users to highlight high-technology sectors and is compatible with those used in related OECD databases. STAN is primarily based on Member countries' annual national accounts by activity tables and uses data from other sources, such as national industrial surveys and censuses, to estimate any missing detail. Since many of the data points in STAN are estimated, they do not represent official Member country submissions. Online.
World Input-Output Database (WIOD)

Consists of time series of world input-output tables and international supply and use tables; national input-output tables and national supply and use tables; socio-economic accounts; and environmental accounts for 43 countries for 1995 to 2014.


Conference Board Total Economy Database (TED)

Annual 1950+

Includes GDP, population, employment, hours, labor quality, capital services, labor productivity, and total factor productivity for about 123 countries in the world.