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Basic Sources of International Economic Statistics

Source Indexes

Proquest Statistical Insight.  Index to statistical publications. Equivalent of the following indexes:

Product Indexing begins Full text begins Description
American Statistics Index (ASI) 1973 PDFs 2004+.  Microfiche or paper before. Indexes statistics published by U.S. government agencies and Congress.
Statistical Reference Index (SRI) 1980 Select PDFs 2008+.  Microfiche for most publications. Indexes American statistical publications from non-U.S. Governmental sources: associations, commercial publishers, independent research organizations, state governments and universities.
Index to International Statistics (IIS) 1983 PDFs 2007+ for most documents.  Microfiche or paper for most publications. Indexes statistical publications issued by international and inter-governmental organizations.


Canadian Research Index 1982-2018.
Indexes Canadian federal, provincial, & territorial documents. The collections for Statistics (1988-1995), Social Sciences  (1996-2012), Telecommunications (1996-2000), and Complete Collection (2013-2018) are available on Microfiche  (RECAP; 2016-2018 is in Firestone).  For recent, free federal level Canadian documents, search the Statistics Canada Catalog .