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Common Commands

Help in different subject areas may be obtained online by typing the word Help followed by the corresponding help code indicated below:
Bond indices Help BOND?
Country codes database Help CC?
Commodity price mnemonics Help CO?
Datastream codes and mnemonics Help CODE?
Currency codes Help CUCD?
Currency lists Help CULI?
Economic Indicators 150Z
Equity lists Help EQLI?
Exchange rate codes Help ER?
Futures codes Help FUT?
Interest rates Help IR?
Stockmarket indices Help SI?
Traded options codes Help TOCD?
I/B/E/S Services Help IBES?

Commonly Functions

The most commonly used functions are:

CFx#(Expression,MAX) - Finds the maximum value for a specific calendar period (replace x with the desired frequency). For example, CFW#(S&PCOMP(PH),MAX) will find the maximum high price for the calendar week.

CFx#(Expression,MIN) - Finds the minimum value for a specific calendar period (replace x with the desired frequency). For example, CFM#(S&PCOMP(PL),MIN ) will find the minimum low price for the calendar month.

CxA#(Expression) - Finds the average value for a specific calendar period (replace x with the desired frequency). For example, CWA#(@EBAY(RI)) will find the average weekly return index for Ebay. CMA#(S&PCOMP) will find the average monthly prices for the S&P 500. Simply using W,M,Q, or Y for frequencies gives you interval prices not average prices. Therefore, one must use the average function if averages for a frequency that is lower than the default are required.

SAA#(Expression) - Performs an additive seasonal adjustment for an economic series.

SAM#(Expression) - Performs a multiplicative seasonal adjustment for an economic series.

Common Programs

The most commonly used programs are listed below by their code numbers. To use a program, enter the code numbers at the Datastream command line. You will then be prompted by the program as to what must then be entered in order to use that program ( data codes, data types, time periods of interest, etc. ).

CODE - Use this program to find data codes by keyword, especially equities.

900A - Allows retrieval of up to ten items for a list at one date only.

900B - Generates a list of data for a single series over a period of time. This is the most commonly used program among Datastream users. See the section on equities for a quick example of how to use this program.

401A - Make a line chart of up to three series.

150F - Displays economic indicators by country (No Codes Required).

284A - Displays capital issues & changes.

28A - Displays recent values and ranges for up to 3 series. Good for simple summary data.

99Nxxx - Displays additions to the database. Add the first three letters of the month after 99N. For example, for additions in March type 99NMAR