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at Princeton University

Datastream represents a vast resource of economic and financial data. The purpose of this guide is to familiarize the user with the content and format of Datastream in order to teach how to collect specific types of data in the desired formats the program permits. The following pages describe in detail the use of Datastream for Windows version 2.2D.   Princeton also has Datastream 5.0 which is more of a point and click system.  Many find it easier to navigate to find series and to download small amounts of data.  This guide focuses on the older version of Datastream due to its capability to download large amounts of data efficiently.  For help on using Datastream 5.0 use the Thomson Financial help pages. Most tips apply to both versions.
To access Datastream on the Princeton University campus you must use specific computers that have the proprietary Datastream software installed, and are authorized to access the Datastream network. Datastream is available in Firestone Library A Floor (RIS Suite) and in Stokes Library.



Contact Bobray Bordelon if you have questions.




Text and graphics by Bobray Bordelon, Todd Hines, Alexander Kazazis'04, Timothy Negron'96, Cate Paskoff'99, and Martha Paskoff'01.