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Modern Britain

World War I

First World War: Personal Experiences
Digital collection documenting the personal experiences of soldiers and civilians in World War I.

Trench journals and unit magazines of the first world war

War Diaries from the Imperial War Museum: the Great War in British Online Archives

Women, War and Society, 1914-1918
Consists of a wide range of materials from the collections of the Imperial War Museum.

CAB 23: War Cabinet papers [Minutes, 1916-1922] [microform]
16 reels
Printed guide: none
Microfilm of material from CAB 23 in the UK National Archives. "This series consists of the minutes and conclusions of the War Cabinet, December 1916 to October 1919, and of the Cabinet, from November 1919 to September 1939 including the conclusions noted in the Secretary's File. The series contains also: the A minutes of the War Cabinet, including the more secret matters not entered in the ordinary minutes; the X minutes, which note conversations on military affairs between May and November 1918; conclusions of Conferences of Ministers, from November 1919 to September 1922; and minutes of the Imperial War Cabinet, 1917 to 1918."

CAB 38: Papers of the Committee of Imperial Defence
9 reels
Printed guide: See below
Microfilm of CAB 38/1-CAB 38/28.11; 1888-1914. "A collection of photocopies of the numbered series of minutes and the memoranda (A to D series: Home Defence, Miscellaneous, Colonial Defence and the Defence of India) of the Committee of Imperial Defence up to 1914, together with some unnumbered papers, all arranged in a single chronological order. The original documents can be found in CAB 2, CAB 3, CAB 4, CAB 5 and CAB 6." See List of the Papers of the Committee of Imperial Defence to 1914 (HMSO 1964), Trustee Reading Room Reference (DR) Firestone CD1047 .C6 1964

Industrial Mobilization in Britain and the Ministry of Munitions, 1915-1918 Archives Unbound From the National Archives of the UK.

World War II

Home intelligence reports on opinion and morale, 1940-1944 [microform]
Available through interlibrary loan from the Center for Research Libraries.
"This set contains reports compiled from a variety of independent sources, including regional headquarters of the Ministry and panels of civilians and officials, on reactions to the presentation of the war in the media and by politicians. Reports are about evacuation, housing, rationing, strikes, and morale." Reel guide online through CRL.

Propaganda relating to World War II, including pre- and post-war years, 1920-1949
Rare Books: D810.P6 .P766; ex D810.P6 .P766 oversize [total 55 boxes]
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