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WRI 146: Constructing the Past: What can I access online?

Guide for using the library successfully in this writing seminar.

Art/Architecture content online

Free online resources

Do we have an e-version?

The library catalog is a good place to start to see what e-content is available to you in the form of books, e-journals (only some years may be available online), etc. (but NOT generally journal articles themselves). Do a Keyword, or Title Starts With search, and limit results to ONLINE under Access on the right-hand side. Browzine is a great resource for browsing e-journal content.

One may wish to install the browser extension Anywhere Access to enable access to PDFs available from the library wherever one is searching on the Web.

WorldCat, which is a catalog for the holdings of many libraries, helps to check to see if an electronic/digitized copy of a title exists (books). Results are organized by type. See tab at top for INTERNET if e-versions exist. 



In general, if we have access to a particular book title as an ebook, you will find a record for it with a link in the library catalog. Prior to COVID-19, the default purchase format, by-and-large, was for a print publication. If access to a full book is needed and scans of selected chapters requested via the library catalog won't do, do reach out to inquire about an ebook purchase. For example, Taylor & Francis/Routledge publishes many titles related to cultural heritage. PUL likely has many of these titles in print, but do inquire about any relevant titles available in e-form if PUL doesn't yet provide access.

Additional ebook collections available at Princeton include: ABC Clio Ebook Collection, ACLS Humanities E-Book Project, and BREPOLS Online.

Connecting from off-campus

The best way to access the library's electronic/online resources while off campus is by installing and using SonicWall (a.k.a. VPN).

See the Connect from Off Campus page for more details and instructions.

NOTE: Some folks have trouble using SonicWall (I have had to have Global Protect installed on my laptop, for example.) One can have both SonicWall and Global Protect installed but cannot use at the same time. If one is experiencing lots of drops with SonicWall/VPN, only the latest operating systems will work with Global Protect (Windows 10+; at least Mojave). Older installers are available for the VPN: if have an older operating system, may just have to live with the drops; Macs may update for free. Some issues with Catalina. OIT can assist if necessary. 

If having problems with a specific electronic resource, can use the library chat ("Ask-a-Librarian") or e-mail
 and let us know how you are accessing the resource, what browser, etc. There are a handful of databases that are not available remotely, mainly in the realm of business & finance.