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Politics Research Guide

An annotated guide to both free and restricted resources for research in political science for Princeton University students, faculty, and researchers

Major News Aggregators

These sources only provide contemporary news (mid-80's or 90's forward). For historical sources, see the Newspapers guide. Click the info icons below for search tips.

Regional and Foreign Sources

For historical news and many additional sources by region or country, see the Newspaper Guide.

U.S. Political Speeches & Public Statements

Speeches, official statements, and press releases

Social Media

Other media

Political Advertising

Data (airings, markets, cost, etc.)


Photo & Video Journalism

Search Major Newspapers

Search major newspapers

Use our Articles+ service to search the following newspapers:
  • New York Times, Wall St. Journal, LA Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune
  • Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times (London)