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ORCiD and SciENcv

What are ORCID and SciENcv

ORCID and SciENcv are two tools that work together to produce support documents required in federal grant proposals.

The Princeton Research Data Service (PRDS) is working with the Office of Research and Project Administration (ORPA), to prepare for upcoming mandates from the White House and NSF. The White House will be requiring researchers who apply for federal funding to have a digital persistent identifier, which will most likely be ORCID (National Security Presidential Memorandum 33). The most recent version of the NSF’s Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG), NSF 23-1, requires SciENcv for the Biographical Sketch and Current and Pending Support documents in proposals and progress reports effective October 2023.

Starting in July 2022 PRDS and ORPA are doing a department roadshow offering hands-on ORCID workshops to faculty, faculty assistants and grants managers that will focus on populating the ORCID record so that the publication and appointment data can be fed into SciENcv.


You can see all of the upcoming ORCID and SciENcv trainings on the Library Events and Workshops Calendar.

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Adding Publications to ORCID Guides

Getting Started Materials


The primary contact for ORCID and SciENcv at Library/PRDS is Neggin Keshavarzian.  The primary contact for ORCID and SciENCV at ORPA is Francine Taylor.