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Basic Sources of United States Economic Statistics

Financial and Monetary

In addition to the major sources, also see these specialized sources from the Federal Reserve.


Title Years Covered Description
Federal Reserve Bulletin 1915+ Reports current Federal Reserve policies and operations and providing analysis and data on monetary and credit developments. Extensive statistical section includes statistics on the money stock, interest rates, commercial banking, the financial markets, federal finance, the securities markets, corporate finance, real estate, consumer credit, flow of funds, international transactions and foreign exchange rates. Tables give weekly, monthly or quarterly data. Prior to 2004, the statistics were contained in the Federal Reserve Bulletin.  They are now available via their website.  
Historical Bank Data 1934+ Contains both structure and financial data on insured banks.
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Statistics on Depository Institutions
Banking and Monetary Statistics 1914-1941 Presents the major statistical series relating to banking, monetary and other financial developments.  Also see Supplements.  Preceded by All Bank Statistics 1896-1955.
Banking and Monetary Statistics. 1941-1970 These tables were updated in the Annual statistical digest. Also see Supplements.
Annual Statistical Digest 1976-2002 Presents data on Federal Reserve operations, the banking industry, securities markets, Federal finance, mortgages, credit, and international finance. Designed to provide historical data for tables in the Federal Reserve Bulletin and to continue series that no longer appeared in the Bulletin.
Guide to the Flow of Funds Accounts   Explains how the flow of funds accounts are formulated and constructed. Lists the source material for deriving the series.