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Basic Sources of United States Economic Statistics


In addition to the major sources, also see these specialized sources.
U.S. Office of Management and Budget.
Budget of the United States Government
(Firestone) HJ2051.A595 
Policy Agendas Project
Attempt to provide comparable measures of policy changes in the United States since the Second World War.
  • Includes
    • Congressional
      • summaries of each hearing from 1946-2020
      • all articles in the main chapters of the Congressional Quarterly Almanac from 1948-2015
      • each public law passed from 1948-2022
      • bills introduced from 1947-2016
      • every congressional roll call vote from 1946-2022
      • Congressional Research Service reports from 1997-2018
    • Executive
      • each executive order issued from 1945-2021
      • each quasi-statement in the Presidential State of the Union Speeches from 1946-2023
      • presidential veto rhetoric from 1985-2016
    • Democratic Party platforms 1948-2020; Republican Party platforms 1948-2016
    • Judiciary
      • each case on the Supreme Courts docket from 1944-2009
    • time-series database of all associations in the Encyclopedia of Associations, coded both by the EA subject categories as well as by the major topics of the PAP from 1966 to 2001
    • responses to Gallup's Most Important Problem question aggregated at the annual level from 1947-2022
    • Policy Moods from 1940-2018
    • New York Times
      • a systematic random sample of the New York Times Index from 1946-2016
      • number of pages in the New York Times Index and an estimate of the number of articles per page
      • front page from 1996-2006
    • television news policy agendas from 1968-2010
    • Budget
      • annual data, adjusted for inflation, of U.S. Budget Authority from FY 1947-FY 2017
      • highlights of the main issues concerning the study of budgetary outcomes across countries and time.

National Income and Products Accounts

In addition to the major sources, also see these specialized sources.
The National Income and Product Accounts of the United States   HC110.I5 A3
1929+. Latest figures and revised figures are published in the Survey of Current Business.