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Journalism in South Asia: Microforms

Journalism in and about South Asia

Partition History in Dawn

From Dawn, January 17, 1951

CRL Newspaper Microfilm

CRL (Center for Research Librarians) has microfilm collections of rare historical newspapers, such as D'avat, an Urdu newspaper published in Delhi. CRL items can be requested by Interlibrary Loan.

Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)

Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan) is a major newspaper that has been published from Vol. 1, No. 1 (Oct. 26, 1941) onwards. Available issues at Princeton (microforms) include 1951 through April 2000 [lacking Oct. 1997], and July-August 2004. Request from RECAP, Microfilm S00149

Indian newspaper reports, c1868-1942, from the British Library, London

Microfilm 12006
Printed guide: none
"Indian Newspaper Reports constitute an important series to be found in the Record Department Papers of the Oriental and India Office Collections at the British Library. The reports consist of abstracts taken from Indian newspapers." Covers Bengal, 1874-1903 (27 reels) ; Bengal, 1904-1916 (26 reels); Punjab, Agra, Oudh, Rajputana and Central Provinces, c1868-1896 (29 reels); United Provinces, 1897-1937 (29 reels); Madras, 1876-1921 (32 reels); Bombay, 1874-1898 (18 reels); Bombay, 1901-1921; Punjab 1896-1924; Sind 1936-1939; Burma 1938-1942; Bihar and Orissa 1920. See

Kashmir History in Dawn

From Dawn, January 21, 1951