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Journalism in South Asia: Digital Scans

Journalism in and about South Asia

Eighteenth Century Journals

Portal to newspapers and periodicals c1685-1815 offers integrated access to the Hope Collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford (Eighteenth Century Journals I) and the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center University of Texas (Eighteenth Century Journals II). South Asian titles include the Bombay Courier, the Calcutta Gazette, or, Oriental Advertiser, the India Gazette, or, India Public Advertiser, and others

Foreign Broadcast Information Service

FBIS provides daily coverage of non-U.S. radio broadcasts and other media. Coverage ranges from 1941 to 1996. It is organized by region. Search by location using the interactive map. South Asian countres include Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, and Pakistan.

Bengali Periodicals and Newspapers

From the Hiteshranjan Sanyal Memorial Archive, via SAVIFA.

Treaty of Commerce with Nepal, in three scripts

CalcGazetteCalcutta Gazette, Volume 17, Issue 426, 1792