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Finding British government documents at Princeton

State Papers (SP)

State Papers Online
Digital edition of the State Papers Domestic from the UK National Archives. Documents the British government in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

Complete state papers domestic [microfilm]
The State papers document English foreign and domestic policy. The documents originally derive from the papers of secretaries of state and other ministers, were arranged in the current groups in the 19th century, and are held in the UK National Archives. The Lists & Indexes Society has published indexes of many of the record groups. Princeton holds the entire series of State papers domestic on microfilm, and also has access to the online edition of the Tudor papers.

The Complete state papers domestic 1509-1547 RECAP Microfilm 10642
The Complete state papers domestic 1547-1625 RECAP Microfilm 11770
The Complete state papers domestic 1625-1702 RECAP Microfilm 11823
The State papers of Queen Anne 1702-1714 RECAP Microfilm 04788
The Hanoverian state papers domestic 1714-1782 Microfilm 04544
The Complete state papers regencies 1716-1755 Microfilm 05477

British History Online
Digital edition of the printed index and calendar of the British State Papers, 1547-1775. Most of the content on this site is free, but we have paid for the subscriber-only content as well.