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Finding British government documents at Princeton

Now to cite documents from the UK National Archives

Guides to archival collections

  • Guide to the contents of the Public Record Office. London, H.M. Stationery Off., 1963-68. 1. Legal records, etc.--v. 2. State papers and departmental records.--v. 3. Documents transferred 1960-1966. History Reference (SH). Firestone: CD1043.A553
  • National Archives Research Guides
    These are brief but extremely helpful guides to the PRO's holdings on many subjects at Research Guides: A to Z
  • Olney, R. J. Manuscript sources for British history: their nature, location, and use. London: University of London, Institute of Historical Research, 1995. IHR guides, no. 3 Firestone Library (F) DA1.O46 1995
    and at
  • Rodgers, Frank. A guide to British Government publications. New York: H. W. Wilson, 1980. RECAP Z2009.R62
  • The lists and indexes of British documents published by the Public Record Office begin at Firestone CD1042.A2 L57
  • Guides to sources for British historyseries volumes:
    • No. 1. Papers of British Cabinet Ministers, 1782-1900 Z2018 .P36 1982
    • No. 2. The Manuscript papers of British scientists, 1600-1940 Annex A: Z6611.S4 M36 1982
    • No. 3. Guide to the location of collections described in the Reports and Calendars series, 1870-1980 Z2019 .G84 1982
    • No. 4. Private papers of British diplomats, 1782-1900 Annex A: Z6465.G7 P74 1985
    • No. 5. Private papers of British Colonial governors, 1782-1900 RECAP JV1061 .G73 1986
    • No. 6. Papers of British churchmen, 1780-1940 Z6611.C59 P36 1987
    • No. 7. Papers of British politicians 1782-1900 Annex A: DA88 .P36
    • No. 8. Records of British business and industry, 1760-1914: textiles and leather Annex A: Z7911 .G73 1990
    • No. 9. Records of British business and industry, 1760-1914. metal processing and engineering RECAP Z7914.M5 R426 1994
    • Nos. 10-11. Principal family and estate collections CD1069.5.A1 P746 1996
    • No. 12. Papers of British antiquaries and historians Z988.P36 2003