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Latin America, Spain and Portugal: Guide to Library Resources at Princeton: Internet Portals and Digital Libraries

Internet Portals

  • Latin American, Latinx, and Iberian Online Free E-resources (LACLI)
    LACLI is a warehouse of open access online resources with Latin American, Caribbean, U.S. Latinx, and Iberian content. The master list is organized alphabetically and may be searched using the Google Sheets Find, Filter, or Explore functions.
  • Iberian Studies (Spain, Portugal and Andorra) 
    Guide to scholarly resources in Iberian Studies curated by members of the European Studies Section (ESS) of the Association of College & Research Libraries. 
  • Portal de Archivos Españoles (PARES)

    PARES is the main platform used to disseminate Spain's Historical Document Heritage. It contains information sheets and digitized images of historical documents held in the National Archives.

  • Researching Brazil
    This site is both a bibliographic database and a gateway to online resources relevant to Brazilian studies. It includes a searchable index of Brazilian scholarly journals, as well as access to full-text dissertations from Brazilian institutions. Additional relevant resources include online directories of researchers and institutions, online bibliographies, quantitative data sets, and selected web sites relevant to researchers.