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Scientific Technical Reports at Princeton University: Technical Reports in the Princeton University Library

This guide will help you identify and find scientific technical reports in the Princeton University Libraries.

Government reports at Princeton

Listed below are some of the more common Governmental report series that can be found at Princeton University. Links to the agency or reports website are provided where available. Locations and formats of reports at Princeton University may vary.

AEC (U.S. Atomic Energy Commission; divided between NRC and ERDA in 1974)

AERE (United Kingdom, Atomic Energy Research Establishment; became UKAEA)

AGARD (Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development -- NATO)

ARC (Great Britain Aeronautical Research Council)

DOE (U.S. Department of Energy) Reports

EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

ERDA (U.S. Energy Research and Development Agency; became DOE)

IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) International Nuclear Information System (INIS) Database

JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Reports

NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics; became NASA) Reports

NASA (National Aeronautical and Space Administration)

NBS (National Bureau of Standards; became NIST)

NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

TRB (National Transportation Board)

USBM (U.S. Bureau of Mines) Records

USGS (U.S. Geological Survey)

Technical Reports at Princeton University Library

Princeton University has been collecting technical reports from government, corporate, and university sectors for decades. Most reports in Princeton collections are in print or in microfiche. Technical reports are housed mainly in the Engineering Library, Lewis Library Fine Hall Wing & Annex B, Furth Plasma Physics Library and in remote storage (ReCAP). Most technical reports from government, corporate, and university sectors collected by Princeton University in paper are now stored at ReCAP.

In the Main Catalog you will find some records for individual reports, but the catalog mostly provides records for the report series often with ranges of the technical report numbers that Princeton owns. If you are looking for a report such as NASA-SP, you may find an entry(s) in the online catalog that serves to acknowledge that we have at least some of the series. Such catalog records direct the user to contact the Engineering Library (e-mail to have the staff verify availability of a specific report.

Many full-text technical reports are now freely available on the Web. They are increasingly available from the U.S. Government, individual states, the United Nations, and international organizations and societies. They can be found by using various search engines, such as Google Scholar, or by searching at a specific agency's website. Repositories like are growing rapidly for technical report literature, and for other forms of so-called "gray literature". Most of these databases provide direct links to the full text, where available. The list to the left provides links to some of the major government websites and/or databases with some full text access to digitized reports.


Government, university, and corporate technical report series are held in microfiche at Lewis Library Fine Hall Wing (lower level) or in off site storage at ReCAP. The Lewis Library reports are filed by issuing agency/report series code. A guide indicating the location (cabinet and drawer) of each series is available at Lewis Library Fine Hall Wing (B level). The library is equipped with a microfilm/fiche reader and printer if print copies are desired.

A number of government, university, and corporate technical reports relevant to plasma physics and fusion are also available at the Harold Furth Library at PPPL. To request a copy e-mail