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Scientific Technical Reports at Princeton University: Princeton University Authored Reports

This guide will help you identify and find scientific technical reports in the Princeton University Libraries.

Princeton reports at Engineering Library

The following is a list of all School of Engineerng and Applied Science (SEAS) reports located at the Engineering Library.

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies (CEES) - TJ163.26.R46

Chemical Engineering: 
   Kinetics Project - QD502.T423
   Plastics Laboratory - TP1101.P52 

Civil and Operations Research:
   Civil Engineering (TR) - HE192.5.R466
   Statistics and Operations Research (SOR) - T57.6.A1 S727
   Technical Report (SM) - TA645.R47

Civil and Geological Engineering:
   Civil and Geological Engineering Research Report - TA645.R47
   Engineering Economics Series (EES) - TA177.4.E534
   Water Resources (WR) - TA357.R473

Computer Science:
   Technical Report (TR or CS) - QA75.5.T725
   Computer Science Laboratory - QA75.5.T723
   Electrical Engineering (Digital Systems Lab.) - QA75.5.T723

Electrical Engineering:
   Communications Laboratory - TK1.T472
   Control Systems Laboratory - TK1.T473
   Device Physics Laboratory - QD130.T423
   Information Sciences and Systems Lab.
   Solid State Electronics Laboratory - TK7871.85.T423
   Electrical Engineering (for General Electric) - TK2851.C667
   Electrical Engineering with Office of Naval Research - QC157.O334
   Electrical Engineering with Office of Naval Research - TK7800.O434
   Electrical Engineering with RCA Laboratories - QC610.9.R422

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering:
   MAE Reports - TJ1.R462
   Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences - QA801.T323
   Mechanical Engineering Dept., Fluid Dynamics (FLD) - TA357.R46
   Mechanical Engineering Dept., Heat Transfer (HT) - TJ260.M423
   Mechanical Engineering Dept., Elasticity (EM) - TA405.R466

 Metallurgy Reports:
   James Forrestal Research Center - TN600.M472

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research:
   Technical Note (PEAR) - TA167.T42

School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) Reports

Report series authored and published by the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at Princeton University are kept at the Engineering Library on the third floor in the compact shelving closest to the elevator.

If the report number is known, the easiest way to find it is by browsing the stacks. Most series are listed in the Main Catalog.  Otherwise, the reports can be searched by author, title, or keyword using Princeton University Library online finding aids, or you may browse the open stacks where they are filed by SEAS department/year/number.

Inquiries may be directed to or an Engineering Librarian.

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) Reports

PPPL's technical reports are indexed in the PPLCat, and to a lesser extent in NTIS and the Department of Energy's Information Bridge. From 1995, PPPL technical reports are available in full text electronically at the PPPL Technical Reports page. Information Bridge has full text of many of the reports from as early as 1992. Hard copies of older reports are available from Harold Furth Library (PPL Library) on the Forrestal Campus (e-mail to request). PPLCat also serves as an index to other related U.S. Department of Energy reports held at the library.

If you need to visit the library, access to to the Furth Library is by appointment only. Please contact Linda S. Hill ( at 609-243-2227 or Andrea Moten ( at 609-243-2226 to schedule a visit to Furth Library, preferably 24 hours in advance.

Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics Reports

Physics, Astrophysics, and Mathematics (PAM) materials are largely older, department, technical reports and include some 19th century German Dissertations. Some of these reports are cataloged and have records in the Main Catalog. There are four report series:

  • PAM C - mainly unpublished lecture notes, preprints, and reprints from faculty and visiting scholars. Arranged by author' surname, name of conference or report series titel.
  • PAM (alphabetical by author's surname) - include 19th century German dissertations, some technical report literature, and departmental reports.
  • PAM (numerical) - Departmental reprints and reports by year of publication, 1958-1981.
  • PAM I - Reprint series from research institutes in mathematics, statistics and physics.

For more information or to retrieve a report from the collection, please contact Jane Holmquist (