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Task Force-specific Guides Fall 2022


To get you started


The library IS a good starting point. 

Repeat after me:,,  

No need to Google it.


Try performing a keyword search in the library catalog for 'Paris Agreement or a keyword of interest.  What Subject Heading(s) does it correspond to?  

Alternatively, try these in conjunction with a keyword of interest.


Consultation with the Public Policy Librarian or  Social Science Data Librarian and/or the Engineering Librarian  and/or  Chemistry, Geosciences, and Environmental Studies Librarian

Many Databases, but I'd probably start with some from this list

Environment Databases 


News --You should not have to pay for any news articles.  You may also find these useful...

Politico Pro

Politico Pro E&E (note "Topics" ) You may want to subscribe to the Politico Sustainability newsletter.


Google scholar 

No need to Google it. Repeat after me:


Note "Cited by" and checkbox for cited reference search 


Primary Sources for Data

Energy - Supply, Demand, and Pricing