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Task Force-specific Guides Fall 2022


To use the catalog of books effectively, convert your keyword searches into Subjects

The library IS a good starting point. 

Repeat after me:,,  

No need to Google it.

Let's practice converting a "keyword search" into a search using the "controlled vocabulary" of Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Is "multilateralism" a Library of Congress Subject Heading?  Is it the best (or only) subject your research needs? What happens when you add your country of interest to a search (I'm a fan of "Advanced Search")


What are some subject headings that resonate with you?



The Economist: The World in Brief  

Foreign Policy magazine.  I’d select Publisher 1970 - latest: publisher Available from 1970 volume: 1 issue: 1.

Foreign Affairs

World Politics Review (Note two databases and selective content only).  

Financial Times 


PAIS: Public Affairs Information Service