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Task Force-specific Guides Fall 2022


To get you started


The library IS a good starting point. 

Repeat after me:,,  

No need to Google it.


Try searching the catalog for "mental health" and school as a keyword .  Because the focus is NYC you can include that in the search.  However, while nothing compares to NY, relevant materials from other locations are potentially useful.   

What subject heading(s) does it correspond to?

I always look for a recent report by the Congressional Research Service (not really a book, but will show up in the Catalog)

Periodicals (includes scholarly journals, trade publications, newspapers)


In addition to being the public policy librarian, I am the education selector.  Please don't hesitate to email to set up a meeting.




Policy Commons


You should not have to pay for any news articles.  You may also find this useful...

Education Week

Politico Pro

Professional Associations

Mental Health in Schools | NAMI