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Library Research for 2024 "MODFLOW and More" Conference at Princeton University

Publications, Data, Imagery sources for Groundwater, Surface Water, Water Quality, Water Use

Hydrology Information Sources & Databases

Emily Wild is the Chemistry, Geosciences and Environmental Studies Librarian in the Princeton University Library. From 1996 to 2018, she was a hydrologist and librarian (physical scientist) at the U.S. Geological Survey, where she worked with MODFLOW field data collection, data/model archiving, publications, and software. She will be providing "MODFLOW and More" conference attendees with hydrology information sources, library research guides, data management information, and demonstrations of access to water data, imagery, and bibliographic databases, as well as provide examples of groundwater hydrology, interactions of surface water and groundwater, saltwater intrusion, groundwater quality, and water-use data and publications used during library research inquiries and library research consultations.

"MODFLOW and More" Program

Presentations and Handouts for 2024

Chemistry, Geosciences and Environmental Studies Librarian

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Emily Wild
212 Lewis Science Library