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Chernobyl : Looking back to go forward : Proceedings of an International Conference on Chernobyl

Demography of Disasters

Chapter 11 : Communities in Fukushima and Chernobyl—Enabling and Inhibiting Factors for Recovery in Nuclear Disaster Areas;jsessionid=1E9AE572BEA20E935100604D0D866BCA?sequence=1

Environmental cultures in Soviet East Europe : literature, history and memory

Handbook of Ecotoxicology  

Chapter 24: The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Accident: Ecotoxicological Update

Islands of abandonment : nature rebounding in the post-human landscape

The Meanings Of A Disaster : Chernobyl and its afterlives in Britain and France

Safe Enough? : A History Of Nuclear Power And Accident Risk

Wormwood Forest : A Natural History of Chernobyl  

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