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Global Social Responses to Covid-19 Web Archive (Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation)

About the Sub-saharan Africa section


About the Sub-Saharan Africa section

The section for Sub-Saharan African countries seeks to capture a wide variety of websites on the cultural, political and socio-economic experiences of African peoples during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Selections are drawn from websites of national and regional news agencies, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, individual bloggers, scholars and writers, as well as videos posted on the web, especially

Among the topics thus far collected, we have selected the following: art exhibitions or news coverage on artists and their work; economic policies of banks and governments; food security; human rights, especially access to health information and assistance for disabled persons and other less-privileged members of society, press freedom, and freedoms of assembly, movement, and protest; the impact on heritage sites, tourism, and cultural institutions; local and regional technological solutions to support access to health information, testing, and contact tracing; and, literary and musical expressions addressing hygiene and safety, lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, and the loss of loved ones.


The Sub-Saharan Africa section is curated by Yuusuf Caruso (Columbia University), Heather Martin  (Duke University), and Alain St. Pierre (Princeton University).  If you are interested in recommending a website, you can do so via this Google form or by emailing the curators directly.