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Library of Congress Call Numbers for Industrial Relations: Call Number Index

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Industrial Relations

Call Numbers

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Industrial Relations:

Call Number Index


BF+ HB+ HD4906+ HD5106+ HD5255+ HD6228+ HD7260+ HF+ HQ+
K1701+ KF3301+ NA+ RA+ RC+ T55+ TS149+ Z6675+ Z7164+
   Library of Congress Call Numbers Subject
  • BF481+
Psychological aspects of work and fatigue
  • HB2581+
Professions. Occupations.
  • HD4826
Labor statistics
  • HD4906+
  • HD4917+
Minimum wage
  • HD4928.C7
Cost-of-living adjustments
  • HD4928.D5
Severance pay
  • HD4928.N6
Fringe benefits
  • HD4966+
Minimum wage, by trade or industry
  • HD5106+
  • HD5109+
Flexible work hours
  • HD5110+
Part-time work
  • HD5111
Overtime pay
  • HD5111.5+
Shift work
  • HD5115+
  • HD5115.5+
Sick leave
  • HD5255+
Leave of absence
  • HD5260
  • HD5306+
Labor disputes. Strikes. Lockouts.
  • HD5481+
Arbitration and conciliation
  • HD5650+
Industrial democracy
  • HD5701+
Labor market
  • HD5708+
  • HD5715+
Occupational training and retraining
  • HD6050+
Woman labor
  • HD6228+
Child labor
  • HD6279+
Middle-aged and older workers
  • HD6304+
Minorities labor
  • HD6350+
Trade unions
  • HD6961+
Industrial relations
  • HD6971.5+
Collective bargaining
  • HD7088+
Social security. Pensions.
  • HD7095+
Unemployment insurance
  • HD7103.6+
Workers' compensation
  • HD7260+
Industrial hygiene
  • HD8045+
History of labor by region or country
  • HD8051+
History of labor, United States
  • HF5548.8
Industrial psychology
  • HF5549+
Personnel management, including methods of compensation
  • HQ759.48+
Working mothers
  • K1701+
Labor law
  • K1715+
Labor-management relations (law)
  • K1763+
Labor standards (law). Labor conditions (law).
  • K1821
Child labor (law)
  • K1824
Woman labor (law)
  • K1830+
Labor hygiene and safety (law)
  • K1861+
Social insurance (law)
  • KF3301+
Labor law, United States
  • KF3351+
Management-labor relations (law), United States
  • KF3455+
Labor standards (law), United States
  • KF3551-KF3552
Child labor (law), United States
  • KF3555+
Woman labor (law), United States
  • KF3566+
Labor hygiene and safety (law), United States
  • KF3600+
Social insurance (law), United States
  • NA6400+
Industrial architecture
  • RA1229+
Industrial toxicology
  • RC963+
Industrial medicine. Industrial hygiene.
  • RC963.4
Disability evaluation
  • RC963.5+
Work stress conditions
  • RC964+
Occupational diseases
  • RC967+
Industrial hygiene
  • RC967.5
Industrial psychiatry
  • RD97.5
Industrial injuries
  • T55.4+
Industrial engineering
  • T59.5+
  • T59.77
Work measurement
  • TD895+
Industrial and factory sanitation
  • TS149+
Production management. Operations management including factory management.
  • TS186+
Factory buildings. Industrial buildings.
  • Z6675.I5
Industrial medicine (bibliography). Industrial hygiene (bibliography)
  • Z6675.T83
Trade unions in health facilities (bibliography)
  • Z7164.L1
Labor (bibliography)
  • Z7164.T7
Trade unions (bibliography)
  • Z7164.U56
Unemployment (bibliography)
  • Z7164.W67
Workers' compensation (bibliography)
  • Z7553.L2
Labor statistics (bibliography)
  • Z7892.I53
Industrial toxicology (bibliography)
  • Z7963.E7
Employment of women (bibliography)