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Economics Collections at the Mudd Manuscript Library: Government Advisors

The collections document economic activity and include the papers of important government officials and advisors, influential scholars, bankers and businessmen, and the records of for-profit and non-profit development and advocacy organizations.

J. Douglas Brown

Portrait of J. Douglas Brown in his office.


  • Brown, J. Douglas
  • Development and Resources Corporation
  • Hirschman, Albert O.
  • Kemmerer, Edwin W.
  • Lewis, W. Arthur
  • Lutz, Harley L.
  • Notestein, Frank W.
  • Viner, Jacob
  • Volcker, Paul A.
  • White, Harry Dexter

Section Description

Ten of the collections are the papers or records of advisors to governments on a variety of economics topics, both in the United States and around the world. The international advisors include Albert O. Hirschman, Edwin W. Kemmerer, Sir W. Arthur Lewis, and the Development and Resources Corporation, all of which had a strong presence in Latin America. They advised nations on currency reforms, public finance policies, the development of natural resources, and economic development. Other individuals advised the United States government, largely on financial policies, including Paul Volcker, J. Douglas Brown on the social security system, Jacob Viner on foreign economic policies, and Harry Dexter White on post-World War II international economic systems.

Section Organization

All collection entries in this section are listed by creator and include information on the title, date span, size (extent), and call number of the collection, as well as a brief biographical or historical profile and a summary of the contents. The creator name also provides a hyperlink to the EAD finding aid for each collection.

Collection Descriptions

Brown, J. Douglas (James Douglas), 1898-

Title: J. Douglas Brown Papers, 1917-1978 (bulk 1930-1970)

Extent: 35.03 linear feet (84 boxes)

Call Number: MC155

Abstract: J. Douglas Brown (1898-1986) was an economist and Princeton University administrator who was an expert in the field of industrial relations, especially on the subjects of Social Security and personnel and manpower issues. He was one of the leaders in the development of the Social Security program and also served in the War Department during World War II on manpower issues. Brown’s papers document his career as a government consultant, as a scholar, and as a university administrator and include his correspondence and writings, reports, meeting minutes, notes, and publications.


Development and Resources Corporation

Title: Development and Resources Corporation Records, 1936-1980 (bulk 1954-1970)

Extent: 374.67 linear feet (895 boxes)

Call Number: MC014

Abstract: The Development and Resources Corporation (D&R), founded and directed by David E. Lilienthal, operated from 1955 to 1979 and was based in New York City. D&R provided regional economic development services to governments throughout the world, often with a focus on the development of water resources and the construction of dams. Its main project was the development of the Khuzestan region of Iran. D&R’s records document its development projects and business operations and include correspondence, contracts, data and maps, proposals and reports, and collected materials about each country.


Hirschman, Albert O.

Title: Albert O. Hirschman Papers, 1900-2004 (bulk 1950-2000)

Extent: 32.73 linear feet (81 boxes)

Call Number: MC160

Abstract: Albert O. Hirschman (1915- ) was a leading scholar in the field of economic development whose work focused on Latin America but encompassed the globe. He was a professor at Yale, Colombia, Harvard, and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Hirschman’s papers document his scholarship on economic development and his academic career and include his correspondence written while he was at the Institute for Advanced Study, his writings, and his research notes and materials, especially related to his work in Latin America and for the World Bank.


Kemmerer, Edwin Walter, 1875-1945

Title: Edwin W. Kemmerer Papers, 1875-1945 (bulk 1920-1945)

Extent: 149.17 linear feet (377 boxes)

Call Number: MC146

Abstract: Edwin W. Kemmerer (1875-1945), internationally known as “The Money Doctor,” was an economist and government advisor with expertise in finance and currency. Kemmerer served as a financial advisor to many governments, mostly in Latin America, and spent the majority of his academic career at Princeton University. Kemmerer’s papers document his advisory and scholarly career and include his professional correspondence, writings, and files from his financial advisory work.


Lewis, W. Arthur (William Arthur), 1915-1991

Title: W. Arthur Lewis Papers, 1892-1990 (bulk 1950-1990)

Extent: 22.73 linear feet (55 boxes)

Call Number: MC092

Abstract: Sir W. Arthur Lewis (1915-1991) was a pioneer in the field of economic development and a leading authority on economic growth in developing countries and associated political and social changes. He was a professor at the University of Manchester and Princeton University and served as an advisor to several governments. Lewis, who was from the Caribbean, also broke through racial barriers in the academic world throughout his career. Lewis’s papers document his career as a scholar and as an economic advisor and include his professional correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, and writings.


Lutz, Harley L. (Harley Leist), b. 1882

Title: Harley L. Lutz Papers, 1907-1973 (bulk 1930-1950)

Extent: 7.09 linear feet (17 boxes)

Call Number: MC088

Abstract: Harley L. Lutz (1882-1975) was an economist with expertise in taxation and public finance who spent his academic career at Oberlin College, Stanford University, and Princeton University. Lutz also served as an advisor on public finance, especially taxation, to the federal and state governments and was an outspoken opponent of increases in government spending. Lutz’s papers document his career as an economist, as well as his work as a consultant on taxation and public finance, and include writings, reports, and correspondence.


Notestein, Frank W. (Frank Wallace), 1902-

Title: Frank W. Notestein Papers, 1930-1977

Extent: 13.3 linear feet (32 boxes)

Call Number: MC184

Abstract: Frank W. Notestein contributed significantly to the science of demography and to a better understanding of population problems in world affairs. The Frank W. Notestein Papers contain correspondence, speeches, and writings documenting the research, ideas, career and leadership roles of this former Princeton professor, director of the Office of Population Research, and president of the Population Council.


Viner, Jacob, 1892-1970

Title: Jacob Viner Papers, 1909-1979 (bulk 1930-1960)

Extent: 59.63 linear feet (142 boxes)

Call Number: MC138

Abstract: Jacob Viner (1892-1970) is considered one of the greatest economists of the twentieth century. His career was spent at the University of Chicago and Princeton University, and he also frequently served as an advisor to the United States government. His primary academic interests included international economics, international economic relations and the history of economic thought, but his investigations ranged across many disciplines. Viner’s papers document his scholarship, as well as his government service, and include correspondence, manuscripts, reports, and research materials.


Volcker, Paul A.

Title: Paul A. Volcker Papers

Extent: 32.83 linear feet (34 boxes)

Call Number: MC279

Abstract: Paul A. Volcker (1927-) is an economist who has served in several prominent positions in the federal government, most notably as undersecretary of the Treasury (1969-1974), chairman of the Federal Reserve (1979-1987), and chairman of President Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board (2009-2011). The collection contains Volcker's subject files, mainly created during his term as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and incoming and outgoing correspondence from his tenure as chairman of the Federal Reserve. The collection also includes documentation of some of Volcker's specific duties in these two roles, such as records from the meetings of the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).


White, Harry Dexter, 1892-1948

Title: Harry Dexter White Papers, 1920-1955 (bulk 1935-1945)

Extent: 4.8 linear feet (12 boxes)

Call Number: MC140

Abstract: Harry Dexter White (1892-1948) was an economist with expertise in international finance and monetary issues. White served in the United States Department of the Treasury from 1934 to 1946, rising to the position of Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and was one of the principal architects of the Bretton Woods agreements in 1944 that established the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. White’s papers document his service in the Department of the Treasury and include correspondence and memoranda, notes, and writings.

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