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Economics Collections at the Mudd Manuscript Library: Economic Development

The collections document economic activity and include the papers of important government officials and advisors, influential scholars, bankers and businessmen, and the records of for-profit and non-profit development and advocacy organizations.

W. Arthur Lewis

Portrait of W. Arthur Lewis


  • Development and Resources Corporation
  • Hirschman, Albert O.
  • Lewis, W. Arthur
  • Lilienthal, David E.
  • Ross, Robert L.
  • Rubber Development Corporation
  • Snyder, Margaret C.
  • Women’s World Banking
  • Yasuda, Makoto

Section Description

Nine of the collections are related to economic development. The majority of the collections are the papers of individuals, and the records of the Development & Resources Corporation, who served as advisors to the governments of nations around the world and in regions of the United States. Many of the advisors focused on the development of natural resources, as well as overall economic development. Two of the collections, the records of Women’s World Banking and the papers of Margaret C. Snyder, focus on economic development as it pertains to women. Two other collections, the papers of Robert Ross, formerly of the Adela Investment Company, and Makoto Yasuda, formerly of the Private Investment Company for Asia, pertain to economic investment and development in countries with developing or fast-growing economies. The collections also include the papers of two important scholars in the field of economic development, Albert O. Hirschman, who particularly studied Latin America, and Sir W. Arthur Lewis, an authority on the process of economic development in developing countries.

Section Organization

All collection entries in this section are listed by creator and include information on the title, date span, size (extent), and call number of the collection, as well as a brief biographical or historical profile and a summary of the contents. The creator name also provides a hyperlink to the EAD finding aid for each collection.

Collection Descriptions

Development and Resources Corporation

Title: Development and Resources Corporation Records, 1936-1980 (bulk 1954-1970)

Extent: 374.67 linear feet (895 boxes)

Call Number: MC014

Abstract: The Development and Resources Corporation (D&R), founded and directed by David E. Lilienthal, operated from 1955 to 1979 and was based in New York City. D&R provided regional economic development services to governments throughout the world, often with a focus on the development of water resources and the construction of dams. Its main project was the development of the Khuzestan region of Iran. D&R’s records document its development projects and business operations and include correspondence, contracts, data and maps, proposals and reports, and collected materials about each country.


Hirschman, Albert O.

Title: Albert O. Hirschman Papers, 1900-2004 (bulk 1950-2000)

Extent: 32.73 linear feet (81 boxes)

Call Number: MC160

Abstract: Albert O. Hirschman (1915- ) was a leading scholar in the field of economic development whose work focused on Latin America but encompassed the globe. He was a professor at Yale, Colombia, Harvard, and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Hirschman’s papers document his scholarship on economic development and his academic career and include his correspondence written while he was at the Institute for Advanced Study, his writings, and his research notes and materials, especially related to his work in Latin America and for the World Bank.


Lewis, W. Arthur (William Arthur), 1915-1991

Title: W. Arthur Lewis Papers, 1892-1990 (bulk 1950-1990)

Extent: 22.73 linear feet (55 boxes)

Call Number: MC092

Abstract: Sir W. Arthur Lewis (1915-1991) was a pioneer in the field of economic development and a leading authority on economic growth in developing countries and associated political and social changes. He was a professor at the University of Manchester and Princeton University and served as an advisor to several governments. Lewis, who was from the Caribbean, also broke through racial barriers in the academic world throughout his career. Lewis’s papers document his career as a scholar and as an economic advisor and include his professional correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, and writings.


Lilienthal, David Eli, 1899-1981

Title: David E. Lilienthal Papers, 1900-1981 (bulk 1950-1981)

Extent: 284.40 cubic feet (632 boxes)

Call Number: MC148

Abstract: David Lilienthal served on the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (1923-1932), as a member of the board of directors (1933-1941) and then chairman (1941-1946) of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), as first chairman (1946-1950) of the Atomic Energy Commission, and, later, in private business as an industrial consultant and chairman (1955) of the Development and Resources Corporation, which was involved with the Khuzestan Program in Iran. This collection consists of the papers of Lilienthal spanning his entire career, including correspondence, reports, articles, speeches, and printed matter.


Ross, Robert L., 1933-

Title: Robert Ross Papers on Development and Investment in Latin America and Africa

Extent: 1.67 linear feet (2 boxes)

Call Number: MC245

Abstract: Robert Ross is an economist specializing in developing Countries. This collection contains reports on the U.S.S.R.; investment proposals; government reports; internal documentation from the Adela Investment Company; documents on the Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation and the Société Internationale Financière pour les Investissements et le Développement en Afrique; and Richard Boyle's correspondence with Eugene Gonzalez and Ernst Keller.


Rubber Development Corporation

Title: Rubber Development Corporation, Amazon Division Records, 1942-1945

Extent: 9.9 linear feet (22 boxes and 1 oversized folder)

Call Number: MC117

Abstract: The Rubber Development Corporation, Amazon Division Records (1942-1945) reflect Philip H. Williams’ interests and concerns as manager of the Manaos Office in Brazil. As manager, Williams was called upon to play various roles including diplomat, manager and administrator. His fellow staff members were C. Homer McDuff–Acting General Manager, Mr. Swain–Accounting Department, H. A. Beck–Acting Manager, Manaos Office, George A. Seaman–Assistant to Mr. Williams, John Herman Neumann–Manager of Amazon Division and Douglas H. Allen–President of the Rubber Development Corporation. The bulk of this collection consists of copies from William’s personal files. The majority of the collection is composed of correspondence, memoranda, reports, charts, photographs and newspaper clippings.


Snyder, Margaret C., 1929-

Title: Margaret Snyder Papers, 1950-1994 (bulk 1970-1990)

Extent: 21.93 linear feet (47 boxes)

Call Number: MC096

Abstract: Dr. Margaret Snyder was actively involved in women’s economic and development issues in various regions of the world for more than three decades. She served as advisor to Kenya and East African Women’s Seminars, Regional Advisor of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, co-founded the African Training and Research Center for Women, and was the Founding Director of the United Nations Development Fund for Women. The papers document Dr. Snyder’s career, the organizations she worked for, and the projects conducted to help women across the globe.


Women’s World Banking

Title: Women’s World Banking Records, 1964-1996 (bulk 1980-1990)

Extent: 57.96 linear feet (141 boxes)

Call Number: MC198

Abstract: Women's World Banking (WWB), one of the World's leaders in microenterprise financing, is a not-for-profit international financial institution founded in 1979 to faciliate the participation of poor women entrepreneurs in the modern economy at the local level, especially those who are generally without access to established financial institutions. The organization consists of an internationalnetwork of affiliates (independent local institutions that provide a variety of financial and training services to meet the needs of local women) with a central coordinating office in New York City. WWB's records document the administration of the organization during the tenure of its first president, Michaela Walsh, and include founding documents, financial records, correspondence, records related to affiliates and other organizations, and the files of Michaela Walsh.


Yasuda, Makoto

Title: Makoto Yasuda Papers on Private Investment Company for Asia

Extent: 1 linear foot (1 box)

Call Number: MC274

Abstract: Makoto Yasuda is the former chairman of Private Investment Company for Asia (PICA), an association of 243 North American, European, Australian, and Canadia companies and banks. Based in Singapore, PICA funded new and existing private businesses throughout Asia, specifically in countries with tiger economies. The collection is comprised of PICA's annual and quarterly reports, investment proposals and reports on investment projects, and Board of Directors and Executive Committee meeting minutes and correspondence.

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